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15 Reasons You Should Start A Small Business Today

Although you might not think it’s a good idea to start a business in the middle of a pandemic, experts think it’s actually a good time to start one. If you want to get rich, as in really really rich, starting a business is a good way to go.

Here are 15 reasons to convince you to start a business today:

1. You Have The Time

You’re sitting around at home. You work from home and have spare time. Why not use that time to start a business and earn money on the side? Everyone has the same amount of time, the only difference is what you decide to do with yours. Do you plan on investing your time starting a business or just sit around and be on social media all day?

2. You Have The Money

The truth of the matter is you will never have “enough” money for funding. That means that if you never seem to have enough capital, change your plan of action. Start smaller and work your way up from there. You can’t control what you have but you can control what you do with what you already have.

3. You Have The Courage

The fact that you’re already thinking about starting a business means that you are ready to take that step. Every entrepreneur is scared because there is uncertainty in the future. If your worry is still about finances, then do proper money management but never be complacent with your plans for complacency is the enemy of achievement.

4. You Have The Right Connections

You have a social media platform, friends, and family. Through this, you can reach almost anyone. Try reaching out to other business owners, not all may respond, so start small. Some well-established ones might even be willing to invest in your idea.

5. You’re Never Too Late

Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t the first person to create social media platforms and Steve Jobs didn’t create the first cell phone. You’re never too late to an idea as long as you are willing to innovate, become faster, stronger, and in some cases, cheaper than the competition.

6. People Listen To Your Ideas

People are willing to listen to anything entertaining, heartfelt, shocking, and informative. The way you send the message about your business idea determines how well people are willing to accept it and support it. Convincing people, especially when applying for business loans, is a skill you need to learn if you want to survive in the industry.

7. You Have The Skills or have the means to learn them

If you’re just sitting at home, use your wifi to study and learn about new things. Never be content with what you already know because the world is filled with untapped knowledge and potential. Harness whatever skills you already have and tap into it to start your own business.

8. You Have Plenty of Great Ideas

Great ideas will only remain ideas if you don’t act on it. At the same time, someone from around the world might have the same idea as you and decide to pursue it, and if it becomes successful, you might regret not pursuing it. If you can’t find any great ideas, look for things to complain about, mortgages, bills, the weeds in your garden, etc. and think of solutions that you can offer to those problems because chances are, other people are also complaining about these things.

9. You Can Afford the Risk

Any financial risk you take today is something that you can recover from especially if you are young and have a steady income on the side. You might be regretful someday and ask yourself plenty of “what ifs”.

10. You Don’t Wait For Perfection

A lot of people are afraid to take a leap of faith because they are afraid things won’t go perfectly. The truth is, things will never go perfectly or the way that you want it to because starting a business will make you experience failures.

11. You Do Things Differently and Enjoy It

You need to learn to be confident about the things that you are good at because this assures people, future investors even, that you know what you are doing. Take yourself out of your comfort zone, stretch yourself, you’ll be surprised at how far you can actually go.

12. Your success isn’t assured

Success is never guaranteed and it’s a good thing because it forces people to strive for better outcomes. When you read stories about successful entrepreneurs, you will read about their talent, their skill, their inspiration, but you will never read or hear them say that they knew they will 100% succeed because even the biggest companies were not sure, possibly in the threat of bankruptcy once.

13. It’s not too hard

The overall journey is hard, small steps are easy. That is why you need to take things one day at a time and always plan ahead. It’s like doing a diet to lose weight, you can’t force yourself to lose 50 pounds in one day because that is just impossible, unrealistic, and unhealthy. Instead, you start by choosing salads or taking long walks after work.

14. You’ll be proud of yourself even if you fail.

Always have the possibility of failure in your mind. Failing in public can be quite embarrassing since a lot of people love to talk about misfortunes. Honestly, those naysayers are also the same people who never dare try to do something themselves. That is why you need to surround yourself with people who support you wholeheartedly.

15. You can start a business in just a few hours.

Starting a business isn’t as complex as it seems. Sure there are legal and administrative tasks involved, but small businesses like food deliveries can be started in just a matter of hours. As always, start small and see where it goes. This will also give you a feel of what to expect and how people will react to your business.

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