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Small Businesses Or Job Opportunities During The Pandemic

The recent COVID pandemic has affected small, medium, and large enterprises. Businesses that have taken years to build had to close down in just a span of a couple of weeks due to the lack of funds to keep it afloat and pay their workers.

Because of this, people had to turn to other means of earning money to survive. Here are small businesses or other job opportunities you can do during this pandemic:

1. Skilled Trades

Many people nowadays think that skilled trade is not a good career choice. What they don’t understand in fact is that skilled tradespeople enjoy a satisfying career and paycheck. About 58% of job openings will be left behind by the Baby Boomers as they near the retirement age, so Millennials and younger generations will need to take over this trade such as welding, general construction, masonry, steel working and, electricity and machine work.

2. Food Preparation And Delivery Services

The one thing that people cannot live without is food. People can live without fancy cars or high-end bags and shoes but people cannot live without food. A lot of people nowadays are more conscious about what they eat but busy schedules tend to take time away from cooking. Meal preparation and delivery services have boomed even more since the pandemic started since people are avoiding going out of the house too much. Offering high quality but well-balanced, healthy, meals will make people support a food business even more.

This type of business will also give you a chance to support local farmers by buying produce from them thus helping the local economy thrive.

3. Storage Units

As people begin to understand the benefits of downsizing from big, 5-bedroom homes to tinier but cozier and less expensive homes, storage units have been in demand all across the United States. The demand for renting space has increased by at least 300%. Many people like skilled workers or moving companies have used these rentable spaces to store their tools while some like homeowners would store precious belongings like old antiques.

4. Bike Rentals

Many countries especially in Asia have put a limit on public transportation in order to control the spread of the virus. However, this poses a problem for workers who need to travel certain distances in order to work. Putting up bicycles or other manual modes of transportation like kick scooters for rent can do three things; help you earn money, help people save money from gas, help workers get to work, and save the environment. Biking is also healthy as it promotes cardio exercise and helps reduce carbon emissions.

5. Coffee

The presence of big coffee chains might be daunting for any aspiring coffee shop owner but having the right factors can help any coffee shop owner succeed. One thing that people love about drinking coffee is that it gives a boost of energy that they need going to work so you need to be in a very convenient place. Some people like taking things slow so the right ambiance will be needed in case people would like to hang out at your cafe. The coffee also needs to be high quality and fresh; nobody likes stale coffee.

And if people need coffee at work or at home? Offer to have it delivered right on their doorstep. You may also do this from the comfort of your home just to practice proper hygiene.

6. Food Trucks

Food trucks experienced economic growth of 6.8% between 2014 and 2019 with no signs of slowing down. These meals on wheels are found all over the streets of busy urban sectors especially in New York. Each truck specializes in different things from vegetarian food to Indian food. What makes these trucks so special is that busy, working, professionals can order hot meals on the go and eat it on their way to the office. Investing in your own food truck is a great idea especially since you can offer new food and find your own crowd.

7. Facility Support Services

Facility support services offer anything from house cleaning, security services, building maintenance, painting, and moving businesses. A lot of people have been working from home now and they find things that need fixing, however, they don’t have the skill to trust themselves enough to do the repair. Offering this kind of service especially when you are good at fixing or facility maintenance can be very lucrative.

8. Senior Care

The current pandemic has isolated most people, but none more than senior citizens since they are the most prone to the virus. Most families have been on lockdown away from each other so children are finding it hard to visit their aging parents. Offering senior care to these families will help ease their worries and also help you earn a little income on the side. Offering to do stuff like cleaning or cooking or just being with the senior will help a lot. You just need to make sure to follow proper protocols like wearing a mask and constant hand washing.

9. Home Repair And Renovations

Even in uncertain economic times, home renovation always seems to earn a lot of money. Despite the current pandemic, a lot of houses are undergoing remodeling or getting built. If you are the type of person who is skilled in construction and has an artistic side, this might be the best business for you. Homeowners more or less spend $7000 a year on home renovations alone. That’s anything from building a new patio in the back to plumbing services.

10. Virtual And Augmented Reality

Social media and other entertainment platforms like Youtube or Netflix have seen a surge of users since the pandemic started mainly because people are stuck at home with nothing to do. Because of this, virtual reality and augmented reality have been used, especially in gaming. But other uses for this technology are in real estate as in touring your future home virtually or other office needs like team-building exercises or socialization with friends.

11. Software Engineering And Development

Since more and more businesses are going online they need website developers to build a catchy website in order to stand out amongst millions of other websites. Software Engineers are also needed especially since online classes are about to start and apps and other devices need to be in top shape.

You can be a systems analyst, hardware and software technician, or a network engineer right at the comfort of your own home.

12. Fulfillment By Amazon Sales

The Fulfillment By Amazon or the FBA program allows sellers to market or advertise their products within Amazon, the largest online retailer in the world. Amazon handles packaging, storing, shipment, customer queries, and other marketing needs for a monthly fee. Starting an online selling business is made easier under the FBE Program.

Starting a business is hard and requires commitment. Developing a good business plan is the key to building a solid foundation even for just a small business or sideline. 2020 is a great year to start launching a business as people rely on services provided by other people.

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