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Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow seems to have everything that life has to offer, and that’s a pretty big thing if you carefully think about it. Her career is steering in the right direction, and she never experienced any issues with her finances, let alone filed any bankruptcy report. Just like we mention, everything is virtually spotless.

To others, family and marriage life is something to talk about, but in Crow’s life, that’s nothing. Maybe at one point in her life, it meant something to her, especially when she and the international cyclist Lance Armstrong were in a relationship. They even got engaged but ultimately announced that they’d split.

Tyra Banks

Back in the day, Tyra Banks slowly made her way towards the top of the modeling scenes with her iconic “smize.” For those who didn’t know what she meant with that, it would be her unique style of smiling with her gaze. Believe it or not, that’s her most significant investment and an asset when it comes to her bag of tricks.

Banks is successful in all facets of her life, including the personal side of things. However, she seems to be not interested yet when it comes to settling down with a husband on her side, but that turns out well for her.

Naomi Watts

The actress Naomi Watts is always considered one of the gorgeous stars in the entertainment business. Many fans are still waiting for her to walk down the aisle and say “I do” to her perfect man. However, even up until this date, it seems like marriage is still not yet in her mind, and she might be just content with the way things are running right now.

A lot has happened between her and her former partner Liev Schreiber, but the actress already moved on. We think she’s pretty happy with the company of her new partner, the award-winning actor Billy Crudup. Die-hard fans will spend some of their fortunes to see their idol in that long white gown. We bet others will even put their properties on loan!

Lucy Liu

Many would agree that actress Lucy Liu is one of the most cool-looking leading ladies in Hollywood. Name it, she could do it all! She can do hard-core dramatic roles as well as a flawlessly good looking killing machine in a couple of action films. It is no wonder why many fans spend their credit cards buying tickets to her shows regularly. In real life as well, Lucy Liu even launched a couple of her art exhibits, how cool is that?

However, her perspective with marriages and relationships might not go down as cool to some people who entirely believed that marriage would keep the bond of the family together. She has proven that it is not always the case, and her son could attest to that.

Edie Falco

The Sopranos superstar and wife of the mobster Edie Falco is actually not married in real life. What’s outstanding is that she managed to keep her mouth shut when it comes to any rumors about her personal relationship. Even professional paparazzi are having a hard time uncovering any personal details from her with the kind of home security system she got fitted inside her house.

The only thing that’s certain about Falco’s personal information is the fact that she adopted two kids that will keep her busy for the coming years. We might never see the day she’ll be in her wedding gown, so for those who are hoping, well don’t count on it.

Billy Crudup

Stage and television actor Billy Crudup has been involved with many high-profile relationships in the past. They were not just any ordinary relationships that we often see in celebrities that only lasted for a couple of months but he had a couple of long-term partnerships with A-list actresses such as Mary-Louise Parker, Claire Danes, and Naomi Watts.

With that said, all of them had one thing in common and that’s the fact that they never walked down the aisle. We understand his choice and he probably wanted to look after his investments for now than to settle in with a wife by his side.

Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry is always considered a prominent figure in the industry for a considerable amount of time now because of his excellent skills in acting. He’s also known for getting things done behind the scenes as an executive producer. Many people would never forget his role as Chandler Bing in the iconic sitcom Friends.

He surely made his financial advisor busy the whole day with his back to back projects over the past couple of years. With that in mind, he seemed to have forgotten about one thing and that’s getting married. We can’t blame him since the man is busy enough with his projects around Hollywood.

Tim Robbins

Another Hollywood personality that seems to be not interested in settling down with marriages would be the actor and director Tim Robbins. He’s the actor behind the famous character of Andy Dufresne in the critically acclaimed film The Shawshank Redemption.

He had two sons with the actress Susan Sarandon and spent more than two decades with their relationship with each other. The only thing missing was the wedding ring, but from the looks of it, they agreed that weddings and such are just paperworks where lawyers look at just like any other contract-binding agreements—nothing more, nothing less, as many people say.

Bill Maher

Comedian and certified bachelor Bill Maher is always vocal about his desire for freedom. This event resulted in him not getting grounded by any contract-binding agreements such as marriages. From our perspective, he’s enjoying his choice of staying single all throughout his life and never had any regrets about it.

He has been in many high-profile relationships in the past, and some of it even resulted in hiring a lawyer for settling matters. What’s funny, the case revolves around him promising a wedding and having children, but as we all know, he never really wanted to go down that route.

Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is always known for his guy-next-door looks and he could easily get any ladies into the palm of his hands if he wanted to. Good thing, he’s loyal to his partner and spent years with most of his relationship, unlike what we usually see in other celebrities.

Though he’s a key figure in Hollywood, his private life remains a mystery, and only a few news about him surfaced throughout the years. His home fitted with a state-of-the-art home security system really helps a lot in maintaining a private and carefree life, even if you are one of the uber-famous stars in the world.