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Settling Down With Marriage Is Not An Option Yet For These Celebrities

Many people pay close attention to the private lives of celebrities, such as whether those who claim to be single really don’t have partners, and whether those who never marry have secretly married long ago. With so many and fragmentary information and remarks about celebrity love on the Internet, audiences are often confused by the true or false news. If you are a big fan of a celebrity, how would you treat his/her love messages? This article lists some unmarried stars for the public, some of them are still unmarried and the scandal is incessant, and some of them have been married. What would they say about marriage? The answer is all in this article.

Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah or Dana Elaine Owens in real life is always on the top of her game when it comes to her career. Over the years, she proved herself to her fans that she’s a real royalty when it comes to her rap games. Her fans also used their credit cards to buy a couple of her songs on various platforms that made her one of the top-performing singer-songwriters in Hollywood.

She and longtime partner, Eboni Nichols, recently welcomed their bundle of joy. But even with that, she seems not interested in exchanging vows yet. Well, if things are going well on her part, who are we to complain?

John Cusack

John Cusack had a couple of high-profile relationships in the past, and for those who didn’t know what we are talking about, we’ll give you a quick rundown so you could understand. Famous actresses and personalities in Hollywood, such as Jennifer Love Hewitt and the Kill Bill superstar Uma Thurman were part of them.

Even with that prestigious lineup of big-name exes, he still managed to remain single and free from the bondage of marriage. With that, he’s not at any risk of hiring any divorce attorney anytime soon, so that could also be a pretty good thing for him.

Sarah Silverman

The iconic comedian Sarah Silverman puzzled many of her fans because of the fact that she’s not yet married. A few years later, her fans understood her reasoning behind her action and expressed that she’ll only get married if government lawyers and lawmakers finally accepted same-sex marriages.

She was at the center of many headlines with her high-profile relationships in the past, including the SNL writer and comedian Dave Attell and the television host Jimmy Kimmel. However, even with that, Silverman remains a bachelorette even to this date, and we are not sure if she’ll have any plans to lift that anytime soon.

Matt Dillon

The actor and director Matt Dillion was one of the hottest teen idols during the ‘80s, and thanks to his part in the movie My Bodyguard and Little Darlings, his stack just went over the top. He reached new heights on his career journey during the late ‘80s and enjoyed financial success to the point that he never got worried about any personal loans.

Everything seems to be going well in his life, and his fans started raising a question whether he’ll get married or not. Apparently, the answer that we got was a big fat, “no.” He had a few great relationships in the past and dated a couple of celebrities, but the fact that remains is he’s still not married.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah seems to have all the things in the world. Name it, she has all the riches and fame at her disposal, so what could she ask for more? The same can be said about her relationship with her partner Stedman Graham. Graham is an educator and a businessman who has a couple of investments in his portfolio.

He’s also known for being Oprah’s long-term partner, and when we say long-term, we are talking about decades. In fact, the two have been together since 1986, but we haven’t seen them tying the knot yet. Who knows, maybe they’ll get there soon.

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue is more than just your average singer and songwriter. She’s also a fashion icon and appeared in many great and gorgeous outfits fitting for a queen. With that said, many of her fans started to wonder what she would look like if she fit herself in a long, white gown while she’s walking down the aisle.

Unfortunately for us fans, that thought would only stay on our minds since her engagement was called off, and apparently, she’s not planning to get married anytime soon. That would give her time to settle her investments while still looking for that perfect relationship for her.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Currently in his late 30s, the actor Jake Gyllenhaal remains as hot as ever. It is no wonder why many women still fall under his spell. He’s been around high-profile relationships in the past, and many fans speculated that he was on the verge of getting married. In the end, that wasn’t the case.

For now, the only thing that his fans can do is wait for his golden decision on when and who to marry. Until then, we suggest we grab our credit cards and jump to our nearest entertainment set and watch a couple of his movies.

Jon Hamm

To some, marriage is the ultimate bond between two parties but to others, spending time and understanding each other would be their end goal, and that’s exactly what Jon Hamm had in mind. He once said in an interview about his relationship with the actress Jennifer Westfeldt that she was more than just a girlfriend and partner, and a piece of paper wouldn’t put any justice about what they meant for each other.

Too bad, the couple went their separate ways, and fans weren’t able to see if their relationship would lead to the aisle. As a silver lining for Hamm after their split, he was able to focus more on his investments.


This might come as a shocker to most of us, but the beautiful singer and songwriter Shakira has never married and also doesn’t believe in the paperwork behind the ceremony. From the looks of things, she only believes in what the heart sees, and that’s a pretty good thing if you ask us.

As a matter of fact, a couple of years ago, she was living with her Argentine lawyer, Antonio de la Rúa, who also was her partner in business. After their separation, the two remained as business partners, but things started to crumble apart between them. Well, Shakira has moved on now.

Mary-Louise Parker

Obstacles and roadblocks are there to provide us with some sort of training ground where we can hone our skills in life, and that’s exactly what the actress Mary-Louise Parker did. Her fans couldn’t imagine the situation she was in during the latter part of her relationship with the actor Billy Crudup.

To make matters worse, she was even at the final stage of her pregnancy when the two broke up. On the bright side, the two didn’t need any services from a lawyer for their formal separation, and from that day forward, it seems like weddings might be out of the equation for Mary-Louise Parker.