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Enjoy Your Stay: The World’s Loveliest Hotels And Resorts

Most of the time, we would find ourselves wanting to take a break from the daily grind of work. As a result, we would often look at our calendar and work schedule to find appropriate dates for our brief getaway, whether to the beach, to the mountains, or anywhere that provides a sense of relaxation and comfort.

Throughout humanity’s existence, way before the first use of electricity was discovered, many civilizations have already made infrastructures where passing travelers were provided with lodging and services throughout their stay. Eventually, these lodgings started expanding on accommodations and services, making way for many of today’s luxurious hotels and resorts, where guests are provided with an experience that almost makes them wish that they can stay there forever. Many of these hotels have sheltered a great many generations while further improving their accommodations and services through each passing year to ensure that their guests still receive the best-quality experience throughout their stay.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at a few of the world’s loveliest hotels and resorts.

Twin Farms

Most hotels are often located in the middle of the hustle and bustle of cities. But for Twin Farms, the hotel is surrounded by the beautiful scenery of nature, providing visitors with a lovely atmosphere that varies from season to season.

Twin Farm’s history dates back to when the couple, Nobel prize-winning author Sinclair Lewis and journalist Dorothy Thompson, got married and called the 300-acre property their home. Throughout their stay, the couple would often host parties and invited many political and literary figures, who would sometimes also stay for a few days to spend some time away from the city. Eventually, after the couple sold the property, the new owners of Twin Farms made gradual investments in turning the property into a relaxing hotel, where visitors can also take in the beautiful scenery surrounding it.

The Ranch at Rock Creek

For a hotel to provide the best experience for its visitors, it must make itself feel like a second home for those who stay in it. And for The Ranch at Rock Creek, it undoubtedly achieved this feature.

Perhaps one of the most expensive hotels in the US, The Ranch at Rock Creek, was first the ideal home for many of its owners before becoming the dream staycation that it is today. Its current owner, Jim Manley, found the property back in 2007, after spending 20 years looking for the ideal ranch. And as his days living in the ranch with his family and friends lasted longer and longer, Manley eventually decided to share this property with others, spending some investment money on improving the home’s already-top-quality accommodations and atmosphere.

 Cavallo Point Lodge

Where many hotels go for the skyscraper look, the Cavallo Point Lodge focuses on its vast area for its many lodgings and accommodations. And with its top-quality services and accommodations, it comes with no surprise that the place eventually earned the #1 Best Hotel title in the San Francisco Bay Area by Travel+Leisure.

Besides its many lodgings, where even the flooring design is nothing short of lovely, the Cavallo Point Lodge provides many accommodations for its visitors, like its Cooking School and its Healing Arts Center & Spa. Furthermore, visitors can also do recreational activities like biking, sailing, and hiking around the San Francisco Bay area, which is only a few minutes away from the lodge. And thanks to the accommodations it has for its visitors, the Cavallo Point Lodge manages to find the perfect balance between relaxation and recreation.

Post Ranch Inn

For many of us, the objects that we cherish often have a back story behind them. For Bill Post, the Post Ranch Inn has a special place in his heart due to the history surrounding its property and his family, who once stayed there. And even after his unfortunate passing in 2009, Bill’s love for the property remains strong and unchanging.

For the property’s lovely architecture, all credit is given to Mickey Muennig. After falling in love with Big Sur’s beautiful surroundings, Muennig willingly volunteered to be the leading architect for the area’s many properties, including Post Ranch Inn. Besides the ranch’s many relaxing accommodations, Post Ranch Inn also provides its visitors with the best view of the Pacific Ocean – bet the sound of its waves crashing can make a soothing lullaby at night.

The Landing Resort & Spa

In life, we experience many encounters where people would go out of their ways to help us get back on our feet and vice-versa. And as for the luxurious Landing Resort & Spa, its creators spent a humongous amount of investment money to ensure their visitors have the best five-star hotel experience they will ever get.

Every area within the Landing Resort & Spa radiates an atmosphere of top-class comfort and recreation for its visitors. Among its many accommodations include its lovely spa, a heated outdoor pool, and a salon, to name a few. However, the best offer a visitor can get from their luxurious stay can be found both at the rooftop deck and lake view patio. This is where one can have the best view of South Lake Tahoe, accompanied by the stars at night.

Little Palm Island, Florida

Many people love to go to the beach while others prefer to stay away from overly crowded places. However, if you just so happen to be a big beach-lover but also wish to avoid crowded places, then the Little Palm Island may be a place that almost seems like it came straight out of your dreams.

Little Palm Island is a beach resort that also values a high degree of privacy, so much so that the only way to go there is through a private sea-plane or boat. Upon arriving, visitors can expect the best experience with help from the resort’s many accommodations, including its waterside dining area. One can have a full view of the Atlantic Ocean from dusk until dawn. All in all, Little Palm Island may just be the best tropical escape one can ever have.

Triple Creek Ranch

Besides the beach, some people would also love to spend some time in a cabin, surrounded by the forest’s lush greens, with mountains as the backdrop. And for that, the Triple Creek Ranch is one of the best choices to make for this type of vacation getaway.

Before it became the go-to ranch for many people today, Triple Creek Ranch was a home that once provided shelter to several owners over the years. Eventually, a couple bought the property in 1993, who loved the resort so much that they even made investments in improving its already luxurious accommodations. Now Triple Creek Ranch features many new and improved cabins, a tennis court, several fishing ponds, and a heated outdoor pool, to name a few.

The Resort at Paws Up

Camping is another outdoor hobby that many love to do, especially because of the many lovely views one can get throughout the journey. Well, for the Resort at Paws Up, the place provides the most luxurious camping experience one can ever have.

This 37,000-acre property provides its guests with two ways to enjoy their stay: in a private home or a luxurious safari-style tent. Furthermore, guests will also receive one of the best adventures they can get at the Resort at Paws Up, including the chance to explore the very lands that the adventurers, Lewis & Clark, once ventured across among the other adventures the resort has in store. Through the Resort At Paws Up, one can bring out their inner explorer – an experience surely worth spending on a few credit card points.

Amangiri, Utah

A place where luxury and comfort blend flawlessly with the deep history within its surroundings, Amangiri is, without a doubt, a hotel where guests will experience a new and deeper appreciation for the Navajo culture.

Besides the resort’s many luxurious offers for their visitors, no stay in Amangiri will ever be complete without going on an adventure around its surroundings— whether by foot, by horseback, by boat, or on a hot-air balloon. Throughout these adventures, guests will be accompanied by a Navajo guide. They will also share stories behind their strong culture’s history, dating back to when people still rode on horses instead of gas-powered automobiles. And by the end of their stay, guests will surely be leaving Amangiri with more than what they initially packed thanks to their newfound knowledge and understanding of the culture.  

Montage, Palmetto Bluff

More often than not, a hotel or resort is just as beautiful as the environment surrounding them. And if you’re looking for a calm and serene spot for your next getaway, then maybe the Montage resort at Palmetto Bluff and its surrounding rivers is a good choice for you to add to your list.

With the resort located in a 20,000-acre community with a history that dates back to over 12,000 years ago, it comes with no surprise that Montage’s architectural design carries a modestly historical look that reflects the many investments people made for Palmetto Bluff over the years. And for Montage’s guest, their Palmetto Bluff experience will surely be worth remembering thanks to their recreational activities, including fresh and saltwater fishing, kayaking, and paddleboarding.  

The Peninsula, Beverly Hills

To give Beverly Hills’ Peninsula a five-star rating is not enough to represent its degree of sophistication and world-class services for people looking for a luxurious break from the daily grind of work life.

Besides the Peninsula’s many villas and suites providing their guests with the utmost comfort, the hotel also offers top-class services inside and outside their premises. Throughout their stay, guests have access to Peninsula’s many accommodations like their rooftop swimming pool with an optional poolside spa treatment of their choice and cozy cabanas, which can also be used as a mini private office. Furthermore, guests who wish to travel around Beverly Hills and Century City can do so with style in Peninsula’s many complimentary rides, including a Rolls-Royce, BMWs, and customized Mini Cooper S Clubmans.

The Inn Above Tide

To start and end one’s day with a chance to let their eyes savor their surroundings’ beauty sounds like a dream come true for many people. But in the Inn Above Tide, guests will be able to bring that dream to reality thanks to their 31 guestrooms and suites having a full view of the San Francisco Bay, the Tiburon Peninsula, and the Oakland Bay Bridge.

If, at this point, the Inn Above Tide is already a place worth spending some points off your credit card for, then prepare to be surprised by their other accommodations that help improve your overall stay. Besides their cozy guestrooms and top-class service, the inn also provides guests with a chance to go kayaking, paddle boarding, and even take plane tours over the bay — sure sounds like the dream vacation for many.


For some people, life in the mountains sounds like the best. With Amangani, guests can have a glimpse of the mountain life with a small pinch of coziness and sophisticated beauty.

Guests of Amangani will surely be amazed by the atmosphere that resonates all around the area. However, besides Amangani’s owners and managers focusing their investment money on its lovely architectural design, they also dedicated a significant amount to the many exciting activities guests can engage in throughout their stay. With the lovely view of nature’s artwork within their sights, guests can also go on guided adventures to see up close the wondrous Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks. Besides these, the lodging also offers guests a chance to go rafting, mountain biking, fly fishing, and skiing or snowmobiling during the winter seasons.

Calistoga Ranch, Auberge Resorts Collection

For one of the best-secluded getaways one can ever dream of having, it comes with no surprise that the Calistoga Ranch also comes with a high price, but is undoubtedly worth it for the peaceful atmosphere one can get.

With the ranch’s accommodations far exceeding the degree of comfort and peace that many other lodgings offer their guests, Calistoga Ranch is also the go-to place for many celebrities and prominent figures who want to take a break away from the spotlight. To help their guests’ destress from their work life, the ranch also offers them a chance to go hiking, do some outdoor yoga, and use their heated outdoor pool, bocce court, and fitness center. By the end of their stay, Calistoga Ranch’s guests will undoubtedly be rejuvenated and ready to return to their work.

Mandarin Oriental, New York

Most of the time, we would often need to spend a hefty amount of gas from our vehicles before we arrive at our out-of-town getaway destination. However, hotels like New York’s Mandarin Oriental are proof that sometimes luxury can also be found in the middle of the urban jungle’s hustle and bustle.

New York’s Mandarin Oriental is owned by the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, an organization responsible for creating several other hotels and residences around the world. Even so, guests will always be assured that Mandarin Oriental’s accommodations and services are consistent, no matter where it may be. With Mandarin Oriental more than often providing the utmost satisfaction and comfort for their guests, it comes with no surprise that the brand has eventually gained fans among celebrities like Liam Neeson, Rami Malek, and Christoph Waltz. 

The Jefferson

With the hotel providing top-quality service for more than a century already at this point, The Jefferson hotel’s very architectural design – all the way from its ceiling to its flooring – reflects the utmost appreciation its owners have for the property’s historical roots.

For many years, The Jefferson has been often associated with the best in luxurious dining, eye-catching architecture, and top-tier services. Besides the many amenities in their cozy guestrooms, The Jefferson also provides guests with other accommodations like their indoor pool, fitness center, salon, and complimentary bikes in case anyone is ever in the mood to take a little trip downtown. Furthermore, if anyone is ever down to learn some history, The Jefferson hotel also has a museum below its Grand Staircase. Guests can take a picture with Thomas Jefferson, an alligator, or even both!

Fairmont Grand Del Mar

An ideal getaway for visitors to relax and take in the beautiful scenery, the Fairmont Grand Del Mar is a resort that carries such a high degree of comfort that visitors could even forget that they also had a guest room to return to after a day’s worth of recreational activities.

In the Fairmont Grand Del Mar, experience the finest balance of fun and relaxation through the resort’s many amenities. Within the resort, guests have the chance to use four of their heated pools, a tennis court, and their championship golf course, among other accommodations. And suppose guests wish to go for a little adventure around the resort’s beautiful surroundings. In that case, they can do so in various ways: hiking, horseback riding, surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and jet skiing.

The Lodge at Sea Island

With the resort’s services and accommodations as lovely as its architecture, the Lodge at Sea Island is the perfect dream getaway for many people.

The Lodge at Sea Island offers various services and accommodations for their guests, ensuring them that all of the points they shaved off their credit cards are, without a doubt, worth every penny of their time. Throughout their stay, guests have full access to the resort’s many amenities. These include their 18-hole championship golf course, 14 cottage rooms with all-around butler service, a bowling alley, tennis facility, an oceanfront swimming pool. After a day’s worth of activities around the resort, guests are guaranteed to have one of the best dining experiences they will ever get, then finishing the day in one of the resort’s many cozy guestrooms.

Brush Creek Ranch

Most of the time, a vacation is better spent with company, like with friends and family. For those types of holidays, perhaps the Brush Creek Ranch is a good destination of choice.

With the property’s roots echoing back to times where people still traversed on horse carriages, Brush Creek Ranch was once a hub for many locals and passing travelers thanks to its natural hot springs, which became quite the convenience, especially in the winter seasons. Over the years, Brush Creek Ranch’s many owners gradually made investments in improving the property until it finally became what it is today. Brush Creek Ranch allows its guests to bask upon its scenic view of nature some more with activities like horseback riding, skiing and snowboarding, ice fishing, and snowshoeing.

Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas

On its own, Las Vegas is already a go-to vacation destination for people thanks to its flashy nightlife and the extravagant events that occur all around the city. But if visitors want to add some more flavor to their stay in the city, perhaps they’ll be more than willing to shave a few more points off their credit card to grab a room at Vegas’ Waldorf Astoria.

Like a small-yet-luxurious village compiled into its 47-story architecture, Las Vegas’ Waldorf Astoria will surely have guests wishing that the hotel is their second home. Besides its many facilities providing a breathtaking view of the city and the desert, Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas also allows guests to use their many pools and cabanas, spa, fitness center, and dine in their five five-star restaurants.

The St. Regis San Francisco

With the hotel providing quality service to its guests for so many years already, it comes with no surprise that St. Regis San Francisco takes pride in two of their many well-spent investments: their staff and services.

Throughout their stay in the hotel, guests will have unlimited access to St. Regis San Francisco’s concierge services. This can be done while spending some time relaxing in their guestrooms or the hotel’s other amenities – it will surely make their stay all the more worthwhile. And with the hotel conveniently placed near San Francisco’s many attractions, like the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, St. Regis San Francisco also gives its guest a chance to explore nearby landmarks, restaurants, and shopping malls. With the hotel’s top-class service and accommodations, guests will surely have a guaranteed great experience throughout their stay there.

The Plaza

Another hotel radiating with a luxurious glow, the Plaza hotel is one of many places where celebrities would also love to frequent – so much so that it has even made an appearance in a few films.

Ever since the hotel’s inception, the Plaza has also taken credit for appearing in a few films. Among these films include many people’s favorite Christmas movie, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, where McCauley Culkin’s Kevin McCallister stays in one of the hotel’s many luxurious suites. Among the many amenities that the hotel has kept and improved over the years include its shopping mall, the Palm Court, the Champagne Bar, and their many great-quality restaurants for guests looking for a good dining experience.

W South Beach

The beach is, more often than not, the go-to spot for many people. However, in Miami, beachgoers can also get the chance to spend their time on the sands in style at the W South Beach resort.

The creation of W South Beach is perhaps one of the best things a person can spend their investment money on, especially since the resort now transforms its guests’ good beach getaway into a great one. Besides the beach, the resort’s guests also get to sit back and relax in their other amenities, including the outdoor heated pool, cabanas, and their rooftop, providing a breathtaking view of the beach, only for it to be amplified even further at night by the starry skies. 

Four Seasons Resort Hualalai

Hawaii is already a dream getaway in its own right, thanks to the excellent degree of atmosphere and ambiance its beaches provide visitors. But to make this experience even better, a few night’s stay at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai will undoubtedly make every guest’s stay at the tropical island all the more worthwhile.

With the resort’s architectural design strongly reflecting the island’s beauty, guests of Four Seasons will surely be having a great time relaxing while appreciating Four Seasons’ lovely aesthetic. If guests wish to go on a few recreational activities, the resort allows them to use any of their seven pools, eight tennis courts, 18-hole golf course, and also go for some horseback riding, hiking, and fishing. With Four Seasons, guests will surely enjoy their stay at the resort while experiencing all the beautiful aspects of Hawaii.

The Setai

More often than not, hotels are expected to have accommodations and services that far exceed their guests’ standards. Well, for Miami’s Setai, it’s safe to say that they have made a few too many investments on the resort – and that’s not a bad thing, for sure!

Besides the beach near the resort, Setai makes its guests value their stay with their many amenities like their cozy guestrooms, Swiss-based Valmont spa, and high-quality restaurant, serving the world’s best Asian and Mediterranean cuisines. All in all, guests will undoubtedly have one of the best resort experiences ever thanks to the resort’s fluent understanding of what it takes to have a comfortable, relaxing, breathtaking, and rejuvenating experience, all wrapped and bundled to make what is now the wonderful Setai.

The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay

With the resort’s overall atmosphere and surroundings looking like something from a movie, it comes with no surprise that many people would love to spend a few days in the Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay. Not only will they get the most out of their stay, but they’ll also be able to take in the beautiful view and the lovely smell of ocean air.

Throughout their stay in the resort, guests will have a great time at Ritz-Carlton thanks to its fantastic spa treatments, comfortable and luxurious guestrooms, and uninterrupted view of the Pacific Ocean – especially at night, with gas fire pits lit and accentuating the scenery. The Ritz-Carlton’s overall calm and serene atmosphere, accompanied by their top-quality services and amenities, is surely worth its title of being one of the world’s favorite go-to holiday getaways.   

Blackberry Farm

The core factor behind what makes a house a home is the very people that live within its walls. And though the Blackberry Farm has had its fair share of sheltering good friends and families since the 1930s, it is safe to say that the property and its accommodations aged like fine wine.

Back in the days when electricity utilization was still in its baby phase, Blackberry Farm welcomed its doors to a loving couple who had a dream relative to today’s technological achievements. They wanted to share their lovely home with friends while sharing a good meal on their table. And over the years, Blackberry Farm gradually became the calm and serene mountain resort that it is today, welcoming guests to their vicinities and providing them with the utmost hospitality, making them truly feel at home.

The Broadmoor

With the resort providing over a century’s worth of services to its visitors, Broadmoor truly deserves its title of being one of the many luxurious out-of-town getaways people can visit.

Most of the time, people only stay in hotels so they can have a place to rest in after a day’s worth of traveling around the nearby city. However, Broadmoor provides its guests with a wide variety of activities that they would often wish to stay within the resort, making the most of the points they spent from their credit cards. And after spending their day enjoying the resort’s many activities, like horseback riding, hiking along the majestic trails, and rock climbing, guests can call it a day and rest in their desired room of choice, whether in a guestroom, suite, cottage, cabin, or in an estate house.

Auberge du Soleil

More often than not, many hotels and resorts tend to focus their overall atmosphere on one theme. However, at Auberge du Soleil, guests can experience the best sides of the Californian life mixed with a lovely dash of French culture.

In its earlier years, the Auberge du Soleil was once a fine-dining restaurant owned by Claude Rouas and Bob Harmon. With the restaurant’s success, the duo planned on making further investments in upgrading their restaurant into what it is today: a resort that combines many guest’s dream getaways in one neatly gift-wrapped bundle. Throughout their stay, guests can experience uninterrupted luxury in Auberge du Soleil. Thanks to their many amenities like their swimming pool, restaurant, and various areas! This way, guests are allowed to take in the lovely scenery of the surroundings in blissful silence!

The Point

An infrastructure’s beauty doesn’t necessarily have to radiate a high degree of sophistication. Sometimes, simple is already very lovely and pleasing to see. And for Saranac Lake’s The Point, guests will be amazed by the log mansion resort’s modest aesthetic and more.

The beauty of simple-yet-lovely architectures is that they are often like old treasure chests. The chest itself is already charming, but the treasure that is hiding within, even more so. At Saranac Lake’s The Point, guests will immediately be feeling at home thanks to the resort’s modest design and overall warm and comforting atmosphere. Furthermore, The Point also allows its guests to explore the wondrous nature surrounding them through activities like river walking, Jet Ski tours, and hiking. Throughout their stay, guests will undoubtedly have a great time in the faraway place that also manages to feel like home.

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