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Couples Who Found Love on Set

Dating a coworker can seem taboo for most companies, but this might not be the case in Hollywood since there are a lot of stars who have been coupling up while on set these days. Now how can these celebrities find time to be romantic, even off-screen? We rounded up famous couples who found romance on set.

Cupid must have been working part-time as a casting director for these couples. We created a list of famous lovebirds whose normal workday turned into a romantic happily ever after. They prove it’s perfectly clear nobody is immune from falling head over heels in love on set.

Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas

Ginnifer Goodwin confessed that she was reluctant to date co-star and current husband, Josh Dallas, due to their show Once Upon a Time. Their qualms stemmed from their fear of believing that things will never work out to a certain degree when you date someone from the set.

It actually took a few months of being friends before they officially started dating. Time passed, and they went on a date, moved in together, and eventually bore children. The couple started dating back in 2011 and tied the knot in April 2014.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendez

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendez met on set while filming The Place Beyond the Pines back in 2012, where Gosling played a stunt man while Mendez played the role of his ex-girlfriend. In the movie, they both share a child. Mendes played a cabaret performance in the 2015 film “Lost River”, which is Gosling’s feature film directorial debut. This marked the first time the couple worked together after “a place full of pine trees.” Furthermore, the characters in the film seem to have trouble in the home security department.

News outlets reported that the pair actually got married in 2016. The famously-private couple said their vows right in front of close friends and family in an intimate, quiet ceremony. Initially, Mendez didn’t plan on having children, but since she fell madly in love with Gosling, her whole view about motherhood completely changed. She even placed her career on hold in favor of raising her and Ryan’s first kid. This truly shows the commitment Eva has for her family and married life.

Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millipied

Natalie Portman met her husband, French dancer Benjamin Millepied, on the set of Black Swan. Millepied served as the film’s choreographer and also had a hand in performing too. In December 2010, the pair got engaged. Two years later, they got married at a private property in Big Sur, California. Rumors of the two getting hitched secretly began going around the news even before their formal wedding date.

When the couple was seen at the 2012 Academy Awards donning what looked liked matching wedding bands, rumors started going all over the place, but they surprised everyone by saying “I do” months after the special event. The dancer proposed to the actress, and they now have two children together, a son named Aleph, and a daughter named Amalia. The flooring at home might seem a little faulty for the dancing Millipied household.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith

When Will spotted Jada on A Different World, Will really wanted to meet the actress. Will felt there were magic and electricity in their energy, which he fondly recalls more than 20 years later. The night he was set to meet Jada was also the night he ended up meeting Sheree Zampino, his now ex-wife. Finally, Will and Jada had the chance to meet and mingle at a jazz club in Los Angeles after numerous failed attempts to bump into each other.

This is where Smith realized the initial “spark” and “magic” he felt for Jada were real. Back then, he was still married to Zampino, so he did not want to act on his attraction to Jada. This led Will to have a breakdown in front of his former wife. Only when Zampino decided to file for divorce was the time Will and Jada started dating.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan’s love story started when they met while filming Step Up in 2006. In one magazine interview, Tatum revealed that he had some hesitations with pursuing Dewan since he just got out of a really long relationship and felt like he was not still ready to have a new one. At that time, he was running away from what he knew, and Jenna was someone who he was just going to date to a certain degree.

But from a friend’s advice, Channing took the leap by showing up at Jenna’s hotel room in Mexico. The duo eventually tied the knot in the summer of 2009 and had their daughter Everly in May 2013, but unfortunately, in April 2018, the pair announced their split. Jenna opens up about her divorce from Channing in excerpts of her new book, Gracefully You: How To Live Your Best Life Every Day.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt

Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt’s romance started on the set of the David Fincher thriller, Se7en back in 1995. Pitt was 31 years old and already had a burgeoning career, while Paltrow was only 22 and was just starting to learn her way around show business. The couple was obsessed with each other and refused to work every second of being single. They were one of the most popular couples during this era.

The following year, in 1996, Pitt proposed to the actress. Back then, they were inseparable, and they were so giddy about their love for each other that Brad even gushed about how excited he was to start a family with Gwyneth in the future. They dated for a total of four years and decided to end things in 1997. Since then, the two went their separate ways. The investments they have now in their separate lives are worth it.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were introduced to each other in The Amazing Spider-Man screen test for Emma back in 2010. The chemistry between the two developed immediately. In an interview in 2012, Garfield confessed that he felt an instant connection with Stone during the audition. However, they were both in long-term relationships at the time of their initial meeting. Stone was still dating Macaulay Culkin’s brother, Kieran, while Andrew was still with actress Shannon Woodward.

After the two relationships ended, news of their union began to appear in June 2011. In November of that year, the adorable pair finally acknowledged their relationship to the public. The two have remained coy about their relationship since the beginning. The degree of nonchalance for this couple is through the roofing. Then the heartbreaking news came out in 2015, they split, and fans naturally had a hard time accepting it.

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz

Actors Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz first met while starring in a play together called Les Grandes Horizontales at the National Theatre Studio. At that time, they were still thriving as actors and were not so well-known yet, so their initial meeting was not sensationalized. About a decade after, the pair starred in the film Dream House so we can give credit to the casting director for setting up the pair. During this time, Rachel’s marriage to Darren Aronofsky came to an end.

Later within the year, Craig’s engagement with Satsuki Mitchell was called off. Before Dream House had its theatrical release, the sweethearts had quietly got married in New York City. The couple’s publicist, later on, shared that there were only four people who attended the ceremony, and they were Weisz’s son, Henry Craig’s daughter Ella, as well as two other close friends. Although Craig and Weisz apparently have children from a previous marriage, they did not welcome a child together until 2018. In September, their daughter was born.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

The electricity between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith made rumor mills turn. During the time of filming, Brad was still married to Jennifer Aniston while Jolie just got separated from Billy Bob Thornton. Jolie then confirmed in a magazine interview that she and Brad had already developed feelings for each other. She shared that they both had a strange friendship and partnership that happened all of a sudden.

When filming wrapped up, the pair then realized that their relationship might have meant something even more serious and needed to be taken to the next level. Later on, Pitt and Aniston decided to separate with Jennifer finalizing their divorce a few months later. In that same year, Pitt and Jolie were spotted having what appeared to be a family holiday in Kenya together with their adopted son, Maddox.

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams’s initial meeting was on the set of The Notebook back in 2003. It was known that the co-stars did not get along really well when they first started working side by side. However, it did not take long for them to imitate the fate of the characters in their own relationship. It turns out that McAdams and Gosling have a very similar relationship with the characters they portrayed on the screen.

The cute couple even reenacted the iconic Notebook kiss in the rain during the 2005 MTV Movie Awards. Unfortunately, two years after that, the couple decided to call it quits. In a magazine interview back in 2011, Gosling cited their busy schedule was the whole reason for the demise of their relationship. Gosling publicly opened up about the breakup in a couple of interviews, stating that they both tried to make things work but show business got in the way.

Freida Pinto and Dev Patel

Actors Dev Patel and Freida Pinto met on the set of the Oscar-award winning film Slumdog Millionaire back in 2008. They played lovers on-screen and eventually dated for six years. The pair amicably split in December 2014. Pinto later on opened up about the breakup in a magazine interview. She shared that the breakup was a form of self-care for her and not because she simply fell out of love with Patel. The root of the breakup was a quarter-life crisis for the actress.

The actress started questioning what she really wanted even though by the time she was in a steady relationship with Patel, had an illustrious career, and had no problems with money, but she still felt like she was neglecting herself. The pair had previously described each other as “soul mates”. Freida chose to prioritize and make an investment in herself, which was a great decision.

Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder

For Johnny Depp, laying eyes on Winona Ryder was love at first sight during the premiere of Great Balls of Fire! in New York City back in 1989. The pair caught a glance at each other while Winona was getting a Coke. Johnny poetically described the first time he laid eyes on the 17-year-old Ryder, “a classic glance,” movie fan Depp then added “the zoom lenses in West Side Story, and everything else gets foggy.”

The two were formally introduced months later through a mutual friend in an arranged meeting at the Chateau Marmont. Five months into their relationship, the smitten Depp proposed to Ryder. The couple split in the summer of 1993, with the couple’s representative saying they were too young and simply grew apart. Ending on a sweet note after the breakup, Winona gave credit to Johnny for being her first “everything.”

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel

Longtime lovers, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel, actually met in 1966, which was 17 years before the couple even started seeing each other. Back then, Kurt was still 16, while Goldie was 21. In an interview, the actress shared that she instantly developed a crush on Kurt, but nothing could happen back then, of course. Finally, in 1985, they reunited, and Kurt was instantly attracted to Hawn’s alluring figure.

After almost twenty years of not crossing into each other’s paths, the first thing the actor did was compliment her to Hawn’s delight. The pair hit it off instantly and started dating right away. The couple starred together in a classic rom-com called Overboard, four years into the relationship. Their on-screen chemistry was already undeniable then. It looks like this Hollywood couple doesn’t need the services of a divorce lawyer.

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens fell for each other on the set of High School Musical. During the audition for the movie, the duo already had electricity between them. Zac was paired with Vanessa to test a scene together, and the rest, as they say, is history. Efron revealed some details about the whole audition process. It was him and several people in a room together where they ran through different activities like singing and dancing. This, later on, landed him to do scene-reading sessions where he was finally partnered up with Vanessa.

Efron and Hudgens took a photo of the HSM performance at the awards ceremony, indicating that they were on the red carpet, but at the subsequent party, they began to pose like a couple. According to Efron, sparks were instantly flying when he first met Vanessa. Of course, many fans were in utter shock when they found out their favorite love team was splitting up after five years together.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

Actress slash recording artist Miley Cyrus and actor Liam Hemsworth’s initial meeting was on the set of the movie adaptation of Nicholas Sparks novel, The Last Song. They hit it off right away, and the two eventually ended updating. A month after filming wrapped, the pair were spotted looking so loved up and running errands together. That same year, Cyrus confirmed the relationship with the Aussie by calling Hemsworth her boyfriend. During this time, the couple made red carpet appearances together. It wasn’t always smooth sailing for the duo.

Throughout their relationship, the couple was mostly on again-off again. They called off engagements, made up again, got married, and finally called a divorce lawyer to finalize their final split. In the past 10 years, the couple’s journey has been long and tortuous: before they separated in August, it was a major breakup. The couple had a lot of gossip experience and some really difficult moments, such as the couple’s Malibu home was destroyed in the recent California wildfires.

Claire Danes and Christopher Dancy

Like most Hollywood couples, Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy developed feelings for each other while cameras were rolling for the 2007 film Evening. The drama was about Claire’s character, Ann Grant, and her “romantic past and emotional present.” In 2009, the adorable couple finally tied the knot. The couple chose to hold a quiet ceremony, which was just like how the relationship was, all under wraps and simple.

Their Evening co-star, Mamie Gummer gushed about the couple’s union sharing Danes and Dancey fell for each other got to bond over Scrabble and Boggle. The pair really speak highly of each other when interviewed. According to the British actor, he and his wife have guiding principles in their relationship. Danes and Dancy welcomed the birth of their first bundle of joy, a baby boy named Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy in 2012.

Sarah Michelle Geller and Freddie Prinze Jr.

Freddie Prinze Jr. met his wife, Sarah Michelle Geller while filming I Know What You Did Last Summer in 1997. Though their characters didn’t share the screen that much, Freddie still gave Sarah a lift in his car. The couple confirmed their relationship in the early 2000s, and they’ve been staying strong ever since, with kids and a solid marriage. The pair didn’t hit it off right away. It took years before they started dating.

“We were friends for two years before we even went out on a date. She knew what kind of guy I was, what my morals were, where my priorities were, and vice versa. We already knew all the faults of the other person.” Freddie share during an interview. The couple knew that before they had their own children, they still had a lot to learn-Sarah was 25 when they got married and Freddie was 26. Therefore they continue to play a pivotal role before continuing to expand the family.

Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz

Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz initially met back in 1992. This is where the two had a rocky affair while cameras were rolling. The actress was only 16 years old when she agreed to have her first movie appearance. It was the film Jamón Jamón where Cruz was cast alongside Bardem, who was already in his early twenties. In the movie, Javier’s character was trying to woo Penelope’s heart. Years later, the actor confessed that nothing ever really happened between the two castmates, but there was definitely electricity between the actors already.

He has developed a keen interest in Penelope. When Cruz turned 20, she moved to New York City to study ballet and English while Bardem continued with his acting career. They both pursued different relationships. Years later, the two crossed paths once again and fell in love. In the three years of their relationship, Cruz and Badem made their debut as a couple at the 2010 Goya Awards, which is equivalent to the Spanish Oscar. Cruz also quietly accompanied Badem to the Cannes Film Festival premiere of his film “Biutiful”.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Being one of the most beloved pair in Hollywood, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds gained popularity as a couple for trolling each other on social media. Their unconventional love story makes them even cuter together. The lovebirds met on the set of Green Lantern back in 2012, where they became really good friends. There was no instant electricity between the two since both of them were still seeing other people. Lively was dating actor Penn Badgley while Reynolds was still married to Scarlett Johansson.

When their relationships ended, they decided to go on an awkward double date together. The separate dates with different people didn’t work out, which eventually led the pair to try going out on a date themselves. And a year after, the two finally wed. Although they never released photos, they did reveal details on Lively’s couture ball gown by Marchesa, their giant dessert table, and the bouquets.

Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser

When Alexis Bledel bagged a role in the fifth season of Mad Men, the chemistry between her and actor Vincent Kartheiser was already apparent from the beginning. Despite the obvious electricity between them, the stars kept their relationship under wraps by keeping it purely professional as co-stars. It wasn’t until they reached the end of the series when the two were more open to dating each other. From the beginning, the couple managed to keep their relationship low key.

They had a quiet engagement and threw a very small and intimate wedding ceremony. Even the news of the birth of their son steered clear away from the Hollywood spotlight. They prefer to keep things normal and avoid tabloids as much as possible. In May 2016, the actress’ Gilmore Girls actor Scott Patterson revealed that the couple were the parents of the baby boy. The representatives of the couple confirmed to us that their son arrived in the fall of 2015. Bledel was photographed on the Netflix Gilmore Girls revival scene in May 2016.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux met on the set of Tropic Thunder, a film Theroux co-wrote with Aniston’s good friend and collaborator, Ben Stiller, who also happened to be a guest star on Friends, where he played Aniston’s on-screen boyfriend. It took about three years for these two to couple up since the actress made quite an impression on the actor. She initially thought Theroux had a dark streak but eventually warmed up and got to know him as a very sweet and nice guy.

During the filming of Wanderlust in 2010, Aniston and Theroux crossed paths again as co-stars. It was here where they developed a close bond as friends. At the time, the actor was still seeing stylist Heidi Bivens. Eventually, enough time had passed. Justin and Jennifer gave romance a try and became an item. Jen and Justin held a super-secret wedding in the backyard of their new Bel Air residence, disguising it as Justin’s 44th birthday.

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson


Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson started dating while they were on the set of the sci-fi film, Jumper. The movie’s plot was about time travel, and the pair played lovers. The couple got engaged in 2008 and took a brief break in 2010, mentioning that problems involving their long-distance relationship, which made it hard for them to continue their engagement. During this period, the actor was based in Canada while Bilson was in Los Angeles.
However, the distance didn’t matter much as they rekindled their love, and Bilson gave birth to their daughter in November 2014. They also kept things between them under the radar.

The couple stayed together and have always been supportive of each other until their eventual final split in 2017. There may already be good clues that a disagreement is imminent. Christensen has not appeared in Bilson’s Instagram posts since June, when their daughter wrote a note on Father’s Day, saying the OC star shared it on Instagram. She did not publish much information about him at first, but he occasionally appeared.

Megan Fox and Bryan Austin Green

Actress Megan Fox revealed that she instantly felt smitten with actor Bryan Austin Green on the set of ABC’s Hope and Faith. The pair have a thirteen-year age difference on them, but that did not stop them from being given credit as one of the hottest pairs in Hollywood. Initially, there was a hesitation before any electricity was about to burst since Bryan wasn’t too keen on pursuing the young actress while shooting in New York for the program.

In an interview, the actor revealed he kept pushing Fox away, stating that he didn’t want a relationship to begin with. Luckily, Megan was very persistent in wooing Green. The couple then remained in a long-term relationship for over a decade, with marriage and kids coming into the mix. Unfortunately, their fairy tale relationship had to be halted with a breakup that ensued in the summer of 2020. Fox has not publicly commented on the separation and no divorce papers have been filed.

Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki

Actors Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki co-starred together in the hit CBS show The Big Bang Theory. They began dating in 2007, right after the series premiere. The couple’s relationship was going great, especially when their characters Penny and Leonard’s plotline started heating up. Unfortunately, in December 2009, the couple called it quits only after two years together. Though things didn’t work out in the long run and had to stop, the characters they played in the show had scenes that were still hot and heavy.

Even after breaking up, the actors remained professional and made sure to avoid being awkward around each other. They went on to continue filming and maintained a great relationship as good friends until the recent end of the long-running sitcom. Credits to their extreme professionalism! “We’re dear friends, still. Kaley’s not just an ex, she’s a part of my life. I just don’t like to speak about it.” Galecki told CBS!

Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie

Initially, Game of Thrones stars Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie wanted their relationship to be a secret, but numerous sightings of them in photographs revealed their off-screen romance. They made their red carpet debut in London at the Olivier Awards together in 2016, where they officially showed the world that they were indeed a couple. They prefer to keep things private and wouldn’t share too much in interviews. Harrington also revealed that they would decline fan photo requests with them seen as a couple.

Hiring a moving company, the loved-up duo decided to take it to the next degree by living together in 2017. Finally, during a romantic night out in the country, Kit asked for Rose’s hand in marriage. In June 2018, the happy couple was officially married at a ceremony in Scotland. In January 2019, Harington tells GQ Australia that he loves that someday the couple’s children could watch their parents meet on “GoT.”

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer

True Blood co-stars, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer met on the set while doing their initial screen testing for the series. Credits to timing and chemistry, which were right on their side since they both were single at that time. After a couple of months, the two began dating while keeping it a secret from their fans. Staying on the down-low lasted for almost a year. Moyer later confirms to Chelsea Lately that the two got to know each other during the pilot and joked that by the time we came back to do the show we had blessed the relationship.

After two years of dating, Paquin and Moyer held a gallant wedding ceremony in tropical Hawaii. Much like their former dating life, the couple chose not to divulge too much when it came to their family life. On a rare occasion, the actress shared a tiny glimpse of their adorable twins on the social media platform, Instagram. When will they next grace us with a snippet into their adorable love life, we wonder?

Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli

Actress Samira Wiley met her wife, Lauren Morelli, on the set of Orange Is The New Black, where Morelli is a screenwriter. In a magazine interview, the actress gushed about how she sees Morelli when she’s in her element at work. The actress shared how attracted she is to the degree of her wife’s brilliance and talent. In the beginning, it wasn’t always a walk in the park for the two and their relationship together.

At the time, the screenwriter was still married to a man. Wiley recalled how the first few months were difficult for the pair. It was during this time when Morelli was still figuring her sexuality out. After developing a close friendship, the two eventually dated for three years, then Morelli proposed to the actress. The couple has been together since shortly after Morelli came out. The couple has been together since shortly after Morelli came out.

 Emily Vancamp and Joshua Bowman


Emily Vancamp and Joshua Bowman fell in love while filming for the ABC series Revenge in 2011, where their characters were love interests. The undeniable chemistry and electricity between the two blossomed into a real-life romance. As their roles began to separate in Revenge, VanCamp and Bowman got closer and closer to the camera. A friend explained to US Weekly, “They tried to have a secret relationship at first, but now they’re not worried because they don’t see it ending.”

It took six years of dating before taking things to the next level. The actress shared details about Bowman’s romantic proposal during a hike where they were completely immersed in nature. The actress had a lucky streak that day since it was also revealed that her new series Everwood got picked up right after her engagement to Bowman. The marriage between the two actors’ characters may have been filled with so much drama, but it seems like this pair finally found their happily ever after.

Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan’s union ended up in legal paperwork involving their divorce lawyers. But long before that Hollywood tragedy, the pair met while shooting for the movie Innerspace in 1987. They officially started dating a year after, and succeeding three years of seeing each other, they got married in 1991. They had their son Jack the following year. Nine years after the couple’s wedding, speculations started swirling and eventually led to Quaid and Ryan calling it quits in 2000.

Tabloids were quick to point fingers at Ryan for the downfall of the couple’s union, and because of this, the Sleepless in Seattle actress decided to stray away from the public eye for a moment and was able to open up about the divorce only in 2006. After nearly ten years of silence, Ryan returned to the fore in 2008, telling InStyle that Crowe was the least of her marriage’s problems. “Dennis was not faithful to me for a long time, and that was very painful. I found out more about that once I was divorced,” she revealed.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

In 2008, actors Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson met on the set of the hit movie franchise Twilight. At that time, Pattinson was 22, while Stewart was 18. Media reports have mentioned that the pair possibly started dating sometime in 2009. They remained secretive about details concerning their romantic ties. The couple was in a long-term relationship together but eventually broke up before the final installment of the franchise, Breaking Dawn: Part Two, in 2012. As you might have witnessed on the online sphere back then, this caused an uproar for many of their fans— who likely wanted to get a lawyer to sue Kristen for certain allegations.

Despite the separation, Kristen and Robert rekindled their relationship briefly but broke up for good in 2013. This is the end of the romance between Stewart and Pattinson, and the whole world is depressed. After breaking up with Pattinson, Stewart disclosed his sexuality and began dating women publicly. Stewart was recently spotted getting cozy with screenwriter Dylan Meyer but says she is still interested in men.

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise

In 1990, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise met while filming Days of Thunder together. Less than a year later, the couple tied the knot when Kidman was only 23 while Cruise was 28. After their marriage, they agreed to adopt two kids. The pair adopted their daughter, Bella, in 1992. Two years later, they adopted their son, Connor. Nicole was an instant mother of two young kids at 25 already.

She seemed to have a lot of investments on her plate since she was also a starlet on the rise, juggling motherhood with a growing showbiz career. It began to feel rocky between the two when the media started speculating that Kidman’s refusal to believe in Scientology played a big factor in the pair’s divorce. She has remained mum about the whole reason behind the split since. After the divorce, Tom Cruise got full custody of his children. According to reports, the scientific decision is an important factor in deciding this decision.

Sean Penn and Madonna

Actor Sean Penn’s first marriage was with international pop sensation Madonna. The actor met the recording artist on the set for her music video for the hit single Material Girl. This special encounter led them to have a passionate love affair, and the media at that time were howling to get a glimpse of the two lovebirds together. The couple chanced upon each other in February 1985 and tied the knot seven months after.

They were so in love and young. The wedding date was even set on Madonna’s birthday. The two co-starred in the 1986 box-office bomb Shanghai Surprise, produced by George Harrison. The two artists were at the peak of their careers when they got married, and it came as a shock to many when they decided to finally call it quits by calling an attorney to finalize the divorce.

Amy Poehler and Will Arnett

Common friends introduced funnyman, Will Arnett, to fellow comedian Amy Poehler during an Upright Citizens Brigade improv performance in 1996. Arnett, later on, revealed that even at that time, he already had a crush on Amy. Poehler also shared how much she felt very safe around Arnett. There was definitely electricity between the two. The goofballs began dating in 2000. Three years after that, the two eventually tied the knot. During the course of their marriage, they both starred in several funny flicks together.

Unfortunately, for the comedic duo, they decided to split amicably in 2012. Although the couple did not publicly disclose the real reason behind the split, Poehler mentioned in her memoir that the subject was just too personal and painful to share. The actress went on to date fellow comedian Nick Kroll for two years. Meanwhile, Arnett and his girlfriend Alessandra Brawn are currently expecting their first child.

Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter

Michael C. Hall met actress Jennifer Carpenter while filming together for the hit TV series Dexter. Hall plays the titular role, Dexter, while Jennifer plays his sister in the show. After two years of seeing each other, the two decided to tie the knot. According to Hall’s representatives, the couple got married in Big Sur in an outdoor ceremony, Carpenter held white roses in the bouquet and her grandfather’s wedding ring. A few days later, the two made their first public appearance at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards.

But in December 2010, both parties revealed their divorce to the public, citing irreconcilable differences. Their lawyer in December 2011 finalized the divorce. After the separation, that same year, Carpenter had nothing but good words to share about her former spouse, saying that Hall still remains to be one of her best friends and reasoned that just because the marriage did not work out did not instantly mean that the love won’t remain. The actress still claims that they still look out for one another.

Mellisa McCarthy and Ben Falcone

Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone met during a comedy writing class in Los Angeles at the Groundlings Comedy School. The actress was instantly smitten with Ben’s quiet humor while he was performing a hilarious skit about an inmate that really liked his new roommate. Eventually, they got to collaborate on a performance together, and this where major electricity started to spark between them as they got to know each other a little more. Ben later recalled that they were almost on the same page since the first time they spoke.

In a magazine interview, he also fondly shared how much they respect each other and how much they make each other laugh. The two are now happily married and share two daughters together. In January of 2007, McCarthy broke the news to People magazine. “We are so excited about the baby,” she mentioned. “I’m hoping the baby has a lot of Ben’s calm traits and less of my spazzy ones.”

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez

In 2010, actress Halle Berry met Olivier Martinez for the first time while filming Dark Tide. She instantly fell in love with the magnetic and charismatic French actor. At the time of their initial meeting, the actress was still fresh out of a tumultuous separation from model Gabriel Aubry. Before she met Martinez, Berry was hesitant about the idea of marrying again. Martinez and Berry were spotted making out off-camera, and shortly after, the actor finally got to meet Halle’s mother.

The two co-stars later surprised the public with their engagement. Later on, the pair announced they were expecting their first baby together, which came as a surprise for the actress. A few months after, the couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony at the Chateau des Conde in Vallery, France, in 2013. However, the couple ended up calling a lawyer for their amicable split a few years after.

Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana

Actor Bradley Cooper met Zoe Saldana while filming The Words. While promoting their movie, Zoe revealed that the project they worked on together made them better actors and that Bradley was a pleasure to work with onset. However, the couple eventually broke things off before ushering in the new year back in 2012. When the pair met, Saldana was still fresh out of a relationship with former fiance Keith Britton whom she was with for eleven years.

After Saldana split with Cooper, she met and fell in love with Italian artist Marco Perego whom she later married. However, years after their split, Zoe and Brad continued working together in Guardians of the Galaxy, but the actress remained firm in her preference to not stay friends with her exes. That was the end of their personal relationship but not their professional one.

Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly

Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly are given credit as one of the most loved couples in Tinseltown. In 2001, the pair finally met during the shooting of the movie A Beautiful Mind. It was only after the filming ended when they decided to date and make their romance bloom. Bettany, later on, admitted in an interview that the tragedy during 9/11 made him acknowledge his feelings for the actress.

After learning about the tragic event, Paul immediately reached out to Connelly, which made the actor recognize that he was truly head over heels for Jennifer. As he rang in to call the actress, he confessed to her that he wanted to come over and finally marry her. The direct approach clearly worked, because the pair have now been married for 15 years. The duo has maintained their solid marriage is going stronger than ever. Since the meeting, the couple has co-produced four movies.

Dax Shephard and Kristen Bell

Actor Dax Shepherd and Kristen Bell prove that the Hollywood curse can’t stop two people from staying together. They met back in 2007 but didn’t have that instant click and electricity between them, which Kristen later on revealed. The pair started talking in an intimate dinner get-together while they’ve both recently gotten out of long-term relationships. Exactly two weeks later, they both met at a Detroit Red Wings hockey game where they eventually began flirting.

Bell’s friends instantly welcomed Shepherd into their circle. The two started dating but got into quarrels a lot. However, they found a good way to live with it, where Shephard shared that he told Bell that she couldn’t have her dramatic exits anymore since he won’t let her have it. In October 2013, They tied the knot. Fast forward into the future, the couple is staying as strong as ever.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

In 1999, Latin icons Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez met while on the set of Lopez’s music video No Me Ames. In June 2004, the couple wed in an intimate ceremony at home in Beverly Hills, California. Though the secret ceremony was small, they went public as a couple with a performance of “Escapemonos” at the 47th annual Grammy Awards in February 2005. They both welcomed their adorable twins, Emme and Max, years later.

In 2011, however, the pair publicly announced their separation. Latino fans were heartbroken to find out about the pair’s split. Despite that, their love for each other served as a symbol of what fiery passion is. The couple’s blossoming romance occurred in the early 2000s, where pop culture was still thriving, and people wanted to get the latest scoop about celebrities. So this union is given credit for making people feel nostalgic.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

Hollywood icons Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton met on the set of Cleopatra back in the ’60s. This was the beginning of one of the most tumultuous love stories of all time. Beyond all the drama, the couple endured so many trials and tribulations together. Their on-again, off-again romance kept people talking for ages. On the set of their first movie together set in romantic Rome, they were enamored with each other.

During the filming of the film, the star-studded were spotted hanging out together and enjoying each other’s company. Their budding romance then began a media frenzy. Eventually, the two wed but ended up hiring a divorce attorney. In 1975, they married briefly again. But for more than ten years, they are the most famous and watched couples in the world. Despite all this, they remained close friends throughout the rest of their careers.

Ben Stiller and Cristine Taylor

Ben Stiller met Christine Taylor while filming Heat Vision and Jack back in 1999, but the series never got to air. The following year, the two tied the knot in Kauai, Hawaii. For the actor, he felt the electricity with their meeting and considered it love at first sight. In an interview in 2007, the actor gushed about how he really grew to admire Taylor and saw her as an overall good person and potential partner for life. The actress also played Stiller’s love interest in Zoolander in 2001.

Their daughter, Ella, was born on April 9, 2002, and grew up to become quite the actress herself. She had since landed roles in some of her father’s films such as Night at the Museum and Megamind. The duo announced their separation on May 26, 2017, less than a year after Stiller announced he had secretly battled prostate cancer. In a charity event in October 2018, Taylor avoided questions about her relationship with Stiller, only telling us, “We are a big family. We have always been together.”

Ryan Beatty and Anette Bening

Actor Warren Beatty met Annette Bening while he was on a quest to find the perfect actress to play the leading lady in the mafia drama Bugsy. The actor took Bening to lunch and instantly fell smitten with the actress. He even went as far as telling the film’s director, Barry Levinson, that he wanted to marry the actress right then and there. They stayed friends until the filming of Bugsy finally ended.

They went on a dinner date and found out that they both wanted to have a family. Soon enough, after the film’s premiere, Bening gave birth to their first kid. The couple has been married for quite a while now. To many, it seems almost an eternity. There were a lot of people who gave speculations and doubt about the longevity of their marriage, but this pair definitely proved them wrong to a certain degree.

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe’s romance began while celebrating Reese’s 21st birthday. This is where they began flirting. During this time, Reese playfully told Ryan that he was her birthday present. Their love story continued when they were co-stars for the coming-of-age film Cruel Intentions. Just a year after the initially met, the two stars got engaged. Before the wedding festivities started, Reese got pregnant with their daughter, Ava.

Just three months after Cruel Intentions finally premiered, the couple held a small ceremony in the star’s hometown at Charleston, South Carolina. Four years later, the pair had another child, a son named Deacon. Eventually, the electricity between the young lovers fizzled out since they announced their separation in 2006. “We regret to announce that Reese and Ryan have decided to formally separate,” said the couple’s representative at the time. “They remain committed to their family and we ask that you please respect their privacy and the safety of their children at this time.”

Shia LaBeouf and Mia Goth

Mia Goth and American Honey actor Shia LaBeouf met while co-starring together in Lars von Trier’s NC-17 drama film Nymphomaniac: Vol. II. Later on, in 2014, Goth made gave a credited appearance in a music video the actor directed. It was rumored that the pair wed in a Las Vegas ceremony that was presided by an Elvis impersonator. The said nuptials happened four years after the two met on set.

Nevada officials have not formally confirmed the details of the lovers’ marriage. But it wasn’t always smooth sailing for the pair. As a couple, they underwent several makeups and breakups before they tied the knot. They even had an infamous altercation in Germany that was caught on camera. A month later, LaBeouf was seen appearing sweet with another actress. Unfortunately, reps released a statement saying the two have finalized their divorce in 2018.

Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh

Emma Thompson met fellow actor Kenneth Branagh back in 1987 while making an appearance in a BBC mini-series titled Fortune of War. The couple tied the knot years after. The love story had a bitter end when reports and speculations started surfacing about Branagh. This happened back in 1994 while shooting for the movie adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, which the actor also happened to direct. Thompson and Branagh eventually had to call their marriage quits.

At the time said the reason for their split was because of conflicting work schedules. Since then, the breakdown of Kenneth and Emma’s marriage was blamed on his extramarital affairs with Helena. Years later, in an interview, the actress admitted that she found peace after the messy split and has already made up with the parties involved. Thompson also revealed that one of her more mainstream projects, Love Actually, was inspired by her relationship with her former husband.

Darren Aronofsky and Jennifer Lawrence

Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence and award-winning director Darren Aronofsky initially met while shooting Mother! together. The couple packed on some PDA when they were photographed making out in New York a month after. They had their red carpet debut as a couple together in September at the Venice Film Festival to promote their movie together. Their love story happened when the actress and director met up to talk about Mother!

There was instant electricity between them since the actress felt instantly attracted to Aronofsky. The actress, later on, admitted that there was the sexual tension between them and that Darren played hard to get for almost nine months. The two eventually dated, although their age difference is 22 years old, their relationship is still developing. During the 14-month courtship, Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky did their best to maintain their relationship. Eventually, Their romance lasted for only two years.

Lawrence Fishbourne and Gina Torres

The Matrix: Reloaded. The couple tied the knot on September 22, 2002, and welcomed their first kid together, a daughter named Delilah, in 2007. The couple kept their married life quiet and kept their daughter out of the spotlight. They never shared much about their home life with the press. In an interview, the actress revealed that she was incredibly hands-on when it came to family, even though she had to juggle between her life around glitz and glamour.

Though it appeared like everything was fine between the acting pair to a certain degree, fans were shocked to find out that the couple has long been separated in 2017, after a total of more than a decade of marriage. 48-year-old Torres said, “Due to a heavy heart, Lawrence and I quietly separated and started to dissolve our marriage early last year. Only the ending of the love story is different from what we two expected. ”

Blake Lively and Penn Badgley

Sparks started flying between Gossip Girl co-stars, Blake Lively and Penn Badgley. Their characters, Serena van der Woodsen and Dan Humphrey were as loved-up as them in real life. The pair dated each other for three years, beginning in 2007. Sadly, they broke up in 2010 when they were both only 23. At first, the young couple refused to confirm their romance and only admitted to just being friends. Years later, the actress revealed that they were both just scared to take things publicly in fear of getting backlash while working.

Also, they were concerned that their personal lives might affect their work life and how their management would perceive them. Their relationship turned out fine, to the benefit of the show’s promotion. Credits to their chemistry, the pair quickly gained a large fan base. Even if they broke up, they are the ultimate professionals. Although their roles are still in an intermittent relationship, they haven’t let any embarrassment hinder their work.

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn

In 2006, Jennifer Aniston met actor Vince Vaughn while filming the movie The Break-Up. It was also in those years when Aniston made headlines with her public split with A-list actor Brad Pitt. In their film together, Aniston played Brooke Meyers, a woman who was unappreciated by her childish boyfriend Gary Grobowski, portrayed by Vince. During the course of filming together, the co-stars’ chemistry, as well as the electricity between them, were seen even off-screen and eventually blossomed into a real romance.

At least their initial chemistry on-screen made the film an enjoyable experience for the audience. Their love affair lasted for only a year and ended on friendly terms. Soon after the breakup, Aniston reviewed the relationship for no reason. Since then, Vaughn has always had good words to share about Jennifer, but he was very outspoken about his dislike for the unnecessary attention by the paparazzi.

Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton

Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton’s initial meeting was on the set of dramedy film Pushing Tin; they portrayed a married couple. At that time, they were already romantically-involved with other people. The actor was still engaged to Laura Dern while Jolie was still dating her boyfriend, Timothy Hutton. The following year, the former co-stars shocked the world with their surprise wedding in Las Vegas.

Even Billy Bob’s then-girlfriend, Laura Dern, was startled by the speedy union. She stated that she never heard from the actor again after leaving their home to film the movie together with Jolie. The couple never ran out of reasons to startle the world with their love affair by sharing vials of blood, getting tattoos with their names etched on it, and swapping underwear. Sadly, the edgy pair hired a divorce attorney and ended things after two years of an intense roller-coaster ride of marriage.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

In June 2008, Hollywood up-and-coming actors John Krasinski and Emily Blunt met through a common friend while dining out one evening in Los Angeles, California. The couple’s first date was at a shooting range. John recounts in an interview, “I’m gonna really hit the gas and bring her to a gun range,” he explained. The following year, John asked for Emily’s hand in marriage in a very calm manner, surrounded by people. The couple then shared that they both cried when this happened, and so did the people all around them at that time.

Almost a year after the big engagement, the actor and the actress held a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony at George Clooney’s property in Lake Como, Italy. Rumors that Emily is pregnant with their first child start, with a spokesperson later confirming to Us Weekly that the pair “couldn’t be more excited.” In February 2014, John confirmed the birth of the couple’s first child on Twitter and revealed her name, Hazel Grace.

Melissa Benoist and Blake Jenner

Melissa Benoist met Blake Jenner while co-starring in Glee together. They were also cast together on Supergirl. The pair got engaged in the summer of 2013. Reports revealed that Blake and Melissa tied the knot in secret and that they have already been hitched way back in 2013, shortly after making their engagement announcement public. The wedding of Melissa and Blake is as important as their engagement, as they got married in a small ceremony with friends and family in March 2015. They flew to Europe for a honeymoon in April and found that Black was wearing a wedding ring.

Like an engagement, they waited a few months to confirm their marriage. In December 2016, the duo decided to get a divorce lawyer. They finalized their separation in December the following year. Melissa announced that the decision to split was due to irreconcilable differences. Both parties refused to disclose further details about the breakup and chose to stay mum towards comments relating to the divorce. A year after their divorce, Melissa began moving on to pursue a different relationship with actor Chris Wood.

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