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Couples Who Found Love on Set

Dating a coworker can seem taboo for most companies, but this might not be the case in Hollywood since there are a lot of stars who have been coupling up while on set these days. Now how can these celebrities find time to be romantic, even off-screen? We rounded up famous couples who found romance on set.

Cupid must have been working part-time as a casting director for these couples. We created a list of famous lovebirds whose normal workday turned into a romantic happily ever after. They prove it’s perfectly clear nobody is immune from falling head over heels in love on set.

Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas

Ginnifer Goodwin confessed that she was reluctant to date co-star and current husband, Josh Dallas, due to their show Once Upon a Time. Their qualms stemmed from their fear of believing that things will never work out to a certain degree when you date someone from the set.

It actually took a few months of being friends before they officially started dating. Time passed, and they went on a date, moved in together, and eventually bore children. The couple started dating back in 2011 and tied the knot in April 2014.