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Celebrity Parents Who Have Their Mini-Me In The Business

ZoëKravitz Lisa Bonet

Lisa Michelle Bonet is an American actress and activist. She has several younger half-siblings. Bonet attended Birmingham High School in Van Nuys, California. She attended the Celluloid Actor’s Studio in North Hollywood, where she majored in acting. Whenever you see Zoë Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, you will surely mistake them for twins. Lisa looks younger than her age, making her seem like her daughter’s sister despite their 21-year age gap.

They have the same facial structure, complexion, and long dark locks. Zoë’s photos online sometimes even get mistaken for that of a young Lisa Bonet. Today, Zoë is a full-blown adult and has a life of her own. She is now married to her fellow actor Karl Gusman, although they yet to have kids. Just like her mother, she is also a singer, actress, and model. One thing that Zoë is proud of is how she has paved her own path in Hollywood, veering away from her parents’ shadows to a certain degree.