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Celebrity Parents Who Have Their Mini-Me In The Business

Elijah Blue Allman & Cher

As one of the sons of the iconic diva Cher, Elijah Blue Allman is just like any other celebrity child. He grew up pressured to live up to his parents’ expectations and reputations. People also knew him as their child, and not quite for who he was. Nonetheless, he must think himself quite fortunate for her grew up in relative privilege and able to pursue his dreams. He used to play for a band named Deadsy but the members eventually went their separate ways.

It’s nice to know that he’s got the support he needs, whether it be for his career or personal life. His parents separated when he was around four years old. He then went to boarding school at age 7, but was able to spend time with his family whenever possible. No wonder this mom and son duo still maintain their close bond.