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Barefaced Beautiful: Celebrity Beauties Even Without Makeup

Makeup and impressive editing skills have been known to make any face transform into a more beautiful version of itself. A lot of celebrities and public figures are known to have used this to make themselves look more appealing on screen or in front of an audience. The degree to which mankind has learned to use cosmetics is impressive. From enhancing existing features to sculpting faces that turn them almost unrecognizable, we no longer know who really are the truly beautiful. On this list, we have picked out those who have been caught without any makeup but still look stunning nonetheless.

Kelly Clarkson | I Dare You

Kelly Clarkson has no shortage of things to be busy about, but she seems to be taking pretty good care of herself. In 2020, the new season of The Voice aired and Clarkson was seen to be wearing little to no make-up at all in one of the episodes. Watchers of the show and especially her fans commented on how beautiful she looked even when nearly bare-faced on screen. Her hands are pretty full what with The Voice, The Kelly Clarkson Show, her music career and personal life.

She deserves much credit for looking flawless and healthy despite her busy lifestyle. Kelly Clarkson loves a low-maintenance beauty routine and often goes makeup-free. Either way, skin care is not her common topic, but embracing the beauty of nature is. But we have a good feeling that if she offers the best skin care advice, it is to love yourself.