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Oldies But Goodies: The Celebs You Thought Have Retired But Are Still Very Much Active

Do you ever think about Hollywood’s famous celebs who were part of the Golden Age era? Maybe most of us have already concluded that they have either passed away or they are already in retirement. It is very much fascinating to know that these living legends are still very active, handsome, and beautiful at their old age. Here’s a list of our A-listers from the Golden era of Hollywood and the latest news about them.


Ali MacGraw is one of the most famous, not to mention, most talented actresses in the ‘60s. She started gaining traction when she did the 1969 film Goodbye, Columbus and eventually reached international stardom in the 1970 film Love Story. These two films earned her a Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer and Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama.

The celebrity’s fame continued to rise, making her the top female box office star in the world in 1972. This opened a lot of doors for the now-82-year-old star, conquering the big screen with a number of movies she made back in the day. Ali, however, turned her back from the entertainment world despite the huge stardom and success. She found her true calling in teaching yoga and became a Hatha Yoga devotee. Vanity Fair magazine even gave her credit for being one of the people who had made this practice prevalent in the US.