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Celebrity Parents Who Have Their Mini-Me In The Business

Michael Wilding Jr. & Elizabeth Taylor

Actress Elizabeth Taylor met actor Michael Wilding on the set of The Conspirator in 1948 and though he was two decades older than her, they fell in love and got married in 1952. Elizabeth said that she actually liked the huge age gap and that she wanted something quiet and secure from their relationship. From their marriage came Michael Jr. and Christopher Howard.

Elizabeth pulled double duty as a mother and actress, which she was able to do so gracefully. However, her marriage did begin to lose its spark and they eventually called in lawyers to finalize their separation. Though they didn’t last, Elizabeth made sure to give her 100% to her sons. No wonder they grew up to be such fine young men. It is Michael Jr. who is a bit more well-known, but no one can deny that the siblings have the same star quality as their parents.