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Celeb Net Worth And Side Jobs

Celebrities are some of the most influential people with the biggest net worth. A single-acting project can earn them millions, and there are several other things that they can do to rake in more income. They can go behind the camera and make a living out of directing, start their own line of products, or they can endorse multi-million brands for profit. The possibilities are almost endless.

Just think of Angeline Jolie, for example. She started as an actress but later turned to direct films. It might just be a side hustle, but the pay is certainly not modest. Just like Angie, many celebrities have also turned to other industries to make some extra cash.

Whatever their move is, one thing is certain, these celebrities don’t just settle in one profession that can be gone in a snap. Smart move, isn’t it?

If you want to know which of your favorite celebrities have made some extra income from having different side hustles and business ventures, take a look at this list.


Matthew McConaughey  | $140 Million | University Professor

Matthew McConaughey got his breakthrough role in Dazed and Confused, and since then, he has starred in a series of romantic comedies. He also appeared in drama films The Lincoln Lawyer and Dallas Buyers Club. Over the year, the actor has become one of the film industry’s most notable figures with multiple prestigious accolades under his belt. As one of the biggest stars today, McConaughey can request a hefty sum of $15-20 million for a film role.

Now, the 51-year-old actor has a net worth of $140 million. He has an upcoming film titled Sing 2 scheduled to premiere in 2021. Apart from his acting career, Matthew also busies himself with a career in academics alongside some investments. He works as a professor at the Department of Radio-Television-Film in U-T Austin, his alma mater. McConaughey was a visiting instructor there since 2015. He is married to Brazilian model Camila Alves since June 9, 2012, and they have three kids.

Madonna | $850 Million | Art Collector

Madonna is probably one of the most important pop icons in the music scene. The pop culture icon initially worked her way to superstardom in the ’80s and remained to be a living legend up to this day. As an artist, she is best known for her musicality, songwriting skills, and impeccable fashion style. Born Madonna Louise Ciccone in Bay City, Michigan, Madonna earned a dance scholarship from the University of Michigan. From there, she became a backup dancer until she pursued a solo career as an artist.

With a net worth of $850 million, the Queen of Pop has maintained an impressive credit score over the years. Her art collection alone is worth a minimum of $100 million, and according to reports, it could be worth several times more if placed in the right art market. She owns paintings created by Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Picasso, Damien Hirst, and Marilyn Minter.


George Lucas  | $8 Billion | Executive Producer/ Writer

After making American Graffiti one of the most profitable films in history, George Lucas went his way to create another series of blockbusters. As you all probably know, Star Wars has become a global phenomenon since its first release in the late ’70s. Now, every time we hear his name, we can’t help but associate him with the all-time bestselling film franchise. It seems like everything Lucas creates turns to gold.

However, did you know that the film director also worked as a writer and executive producer? Contrary to popular opinion, Lucas didn’t serve as director of Indiana Jones. He only took part in the production and received writing credits in the hit film franchise. Other movies he produced include Strange Magic, The Land Before Time, and Labyrinth. By the way, Lucas’ net worth is now a staggering $8 billion!



Justin Timberlake  | $250 Million | Executive Producer

Popularly known as JT, Justin Timberlake came to prominence after joining the boy band NSYNC. Before his music career, he worked as a child actor in The All-New Mickey Mouse Club, alongside future stars Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling, and Christina Aguilera. After the band split up, Timberlake embarked on a solo career as an artist, and eventually, as an actor. He appeared in a slew of comedy films, such as The Love Guru, Friends with Benefits, and Bad Teacher.

Besides singing, acting, and music production, he also doubles as a film and television producer. He produced the documentary The Short Game, the reality series The Phone, and the game show, Spin The Wheel. The 40-year-old artist seems to achieve more in the industry, including a net worth of $250 million. He even received an honorary degree from Berklee College of Music in 2019.


Gwen Stefani | $150 Million | Businesswoman

Gwen Stefani catapulted to fame in the ’90s for being the lead singer of the band No Doubt. The band’s popular hits include Hey Baby, Underneath It All, and Hollaback Girl, have received two Grammy Awards and five MTV Video Music Awards. After the band’s hiatus, Stefani has since gone on to create a highly successful solo career. She also served as a judge for the singing competition show The Voice.

Stefani has also appeared on film and TV, including Gossip Girl and King of the Hill. She later ventured into business and launched her own clothing line called L.A.M.B. Through her brand; she expanded into making perfumes, eyewear, and dolls. The singer-songwriter now has a net worth of $150 million. With her ongoing investments and success, her wealth will probably increase in the years to come.


Tom Selleck  | $45 Million | Farmer

Thomas William Selleck, better known as Tom Selleck, initially pursued a degree in business administration but changed his mind when his teacher suggested that he try acting. He dropped out of college and started appearing in commercials, including television ads for Revlon, Close-Up, Coca-Cola, and Right Guard. As the years went by, the actor began to carve out a presence in film and television. Selleck landed the role that made him prominent in the hit show Magnum P.I., which aired for eight seasons. As a result of his performance, he garnered the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in 1984. Since then, Selleck became a TV icon.

Today, he has a net worth of $45 million and only appears sporadically on screen. Now in his mid-seventies, the actor revealed that he spends most of his time doing farm work on his ranch in Ventura, California.


Snoop Dogg | $150 Million | Football Coach

West Coast-based rapper Snoop Dogg was born Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. He got his stage name from Snoopy because he loved the cartoon character as a child. His parents even nicknamed him Snoopy while growing up. As a teenager, he would frequently rap in school. One of his early solo freestyles impressed the music giant Dr. Dre, and the two later collaborated on a few projects. Aside from being a music figure, he also partners with Inglewood city officials and gives away turkeys to the less fortunate every year during Thanksgiving.

Surprisingly, Snoop Dogg is also a certified football coach. He has served as a head coach of his son Cordell’s football teams. Since 2005, the rapper has been operating a football league for the youth of Los Angeles. He now has a net worth of $150 million and uses a considerable amount of his investment money on sports.


Sandra Bullock  | $200 Million | Film Producer

Sandra Annette Bullock was born in Arlington, Virginia, to John W. Bullock, a voice coach and Army employee, and Helga Mathilde Meyer, a German opera singer. As an actress, Sandra Bullock maintained a steady roster of leading lady roles since landing a major character in 1993’s Demolition Man. She continued to hit the jackpot the following year after her film Speed grossed over $350 million worldwide. Since then, her career exploded. She also landed roles in romantic comedy films, including  Miss Congeniality, Ocean’s 8, and Two Weeks Notice.

Bullock graduated with a BFA in drama in the late ’80s. After achieving her acting career’s pinnacle, she ventured into film production and founded her own company called Fortis Films. With her wise investment planning, she has produced some of the films she starred in and amassed a $200-million net worth.


Ryan Reynolds | $150 Million | Businessman

Canadian-born actor Ryan Reynolds got his start in the world of Hollywood as a teen soap opera star. His acting career started in the early ’90s while he was still in high school. The actor then starred in the Canadian teen drama Hillside, which paved the way for his stardom. Today, he has transitioned into an action and comedy star, with significant roles in films Deadpool, The Proposal, and National Lampoon’s Van Wilder. Furthermore, his Deadpool role went on to set several box-office records and reached immense popularity to the degree that a sequel followed it.

Having a net worth of $150 million, the actor also invested in businesses and acquired a stake in Aviation American Gin in 2018. He also bought an ownership stake at the telecom company Mint Mobile the following year. Most recently, he joined the board of the internet and technology company Match Group.


Tyra Banks  | $90 Million | Guest Lecturer

Model turned media personality Tyra Banks has a net worth of $90 million. She might have started as a model, but she has made her fortune in her television projects. Tyra first signed with Elite Model Management when she was 16, and her runway debut followed during the 1991 Paris Fashion Week. For her first runway season, she booked a total of 25 shows. Over the years, Banks became the face of countless magazine covers and the American cosmetics company CoverGirl. Her success as a model opened doors to many opportunities, especially on television. She became the host and producer of the hit show, America’s Next Top Model.

Banks has ventured out into many areas, including writing, business, music, and, most recently, teaching. In August 2016, she served as a guest lecturer for personal branding at Stanford University. We’re sure that having this many side jobs boosted Tyra’s credit score by a lot.


Akon | $80 Million | Businessman

Akon is a famous Hollywood artist born in St. Louis, Missouri, to  Mor Thiam, a percussionist, and Kine Gueye Thiam, a dance. As a child, Akon learned to play five instruments, including drums, djembe, and guitar. Later on, the young Akon met music mogul Devyne Stephen who signed him to his production company, Upfront Megatainment, and groomed him professionally. Akon is now an extremely popular figure in the music industry, and his tracks Smack That and Locked Up are smash hits globally.

Akon currently has a net worth of $80 million. The music artist has also gotten involved in many business ventures since his success. He founded a record label company called Akonik Label Group, started a clothing line called Konvict Clothing, and a more high-end clothing brand named Aliaune. We just hope his investments have all prospered since their launch.


Brad Pitt | $300 Million | Architecture Student

Fans and critics alike have named him one of the most handsome actors in the world, and we couldn’t agree more. Since Brad Pitt rose to fame in the late ’80s, we can’t help but gush over his gorgeous face and charisma. However, he’s has proven that he’s more than just looks; he has exceptional talents in the arts as well. We’ve watched his performances in Seven, Fight Club, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Today, he is named one of the most influential and powerful people in all of America. Of course, with a $300-million net worth, the actor can just do anything he likes, including his passion for architecture. Pitt took time away from film to study computer-aided design by renowned architect Frank Gehry. While he hasn’t earned an architecture degree, he founded the Make It Right Foundation, a non-profit foundation that constructs sustainable, affordable new houses for calamity victims.


Steven Seagal | $16 Million | Police

Steven Seagal was one of the most significant figures in the entertainment industry in the ’80s and ’90s. He learned martial arts as a child and earned a 7th-degree black belt in aikido as an adult. Afterward, he opened a dojo in Taos, New Mexico, and another in West Hollywood, California. Seagal subsequently landed jobs as a martial arts coordinator in Hollywood for movies like Never Say Never Again and The Challenge. He won a role in Above the Law, and from there, he became a lead action star for numerous films.

Outside acting, Seagal served as a Reserve Deputy Chief at the Sheriff’s Office in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. He allegedly graduated from a police academy in L.A. and has a certificate from Peace Officer Standards & Training (POST). A 2009 TV show titled Steven Seagal: Lawman featured his work in law enforcement.


Lady Gaga | $320 Million | Businesswoman

Stefani Joanne Germanotta, known professionally as Lady Gaga, is a singer-songwriter who became a major icon in today’s pop music. Lady Gaga began playing the piano at only four years old and wrote her first piano piece at thirteen. She attended the New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts but later dropped out to pursue a music career. In the mid-2000s, she worked as a songwriter at Sony/ATV Music Publishing. It was there that fellow music artist Akon discovered her. Following the release of Lady Gaga’s debut album, she instantly became a megastar.

Her chart-topping singles Just Dance, Telephone, Poker Face, and Bad Romance, gained her immense fame and fortune. She also landed several roles in films, including the award-winning A Star Is Born. As for her money management tactics to boost her net worth of $320 million, Lady Gaga launched Haus Laboratories, a cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics brand.


Mike Tyson | $10 Million | Author

Mike Tyson’s name always rings a bell in the world of boxing and entertainment. Tyson left a legacy in the boxing arena as the youngest champion in history at only age 20. He also holds the sixth-longest unified championship reign in the history of heavyweight boxing.

Now 54 years old, Tyson has a steady net worth of $10 million. Even though he has been a retired professional boxer for a few years now, he continues to gas up his life by entering other industries, albeit only appearing in a minor role in the comedy movie The Hangover. In case you’re wondering what he is up to nowadays, he made his start in authoring a few books. His first book, Undisputed Truth, landed The New York Times Best Seller list and won the SPORTEL Special Prize for the best autobiography. He also published his second book titled Iron Ambition.


Jay Z | $1 Billion | Businessman

We all knew Jay Z as a rapper and the husband of diva Beyoncé, but what many of us usually forget is that he is also a huge business guy. Because of what he has done with his investments, he is now a billionaire! This net worth is independent of Beyonce’s, so his hard work is even more impressive.

Jay-Z’s ventures initially started with his S. Carter Collection Reebok shoes in 2003. Other than this, he has money in the field of real estate, in clothing lines, in record labels, in sports teams, and beverages. In one interview, he said that the brands he opened are an extension of himself as they show his personality and interest. His fashion line is called Rocawear, which he opened originally with Damon Dash but now solely owns. When it comes to food, he owns the 40/40 Club, a sports bar in New York City, Chicago, and Atlanta City. Jay Z is also one of the investors in the cosmetic line Carol’s Daughter and is one of the co-brand directors of Budweiser Select.


Beyoncé | $500 Million | Fitness Program

It goes without saying that Beyonce is one of the most influential celebrities today with several accomplishments to boot. While her business ventures are not as extensive as her husband’s, Bey also has some worthy investments as well. One of those ventures is in the field of fitness and nutrition.

Together with her trainer Marco Borges, Bey created the 22 Day Nutrition Program. She went through the program herself and now wants to share it with others, especially her fans, who want to have a healthier lifestyle. The program features a plant-based diet that her company makes. The entire diet was crafted carefully by the singer and experts and is complete with a meal planner that they can customize based on their needs. It helped a lot that Beyoncé went through the program herself so everyone could see what it could do. Thanks to this diet plan, Beyonce was able to expand her ventures outside of music.


Ryan Seacrest | $450 Million | TV Producer

Ryan Seacrest may be the face of E! but what most people don’t know is that he was also a producer in the TV shows, including E! News and red carpet coverages featured in the shows. Because of how well this went, Ryan decided he should produce more shows for the network. That was when the veteran host opened the Ryan Seacrest Productions. He made Adam Sher the CEO of the company while he continued producing for E!. Although Ryan no longer hosts the program, he continued to earn credit for being the show’s managing editor. Under his company, he produces TV shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloé, and Lamar, Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami, Kourtney and Kim Take New York, Food Revolution, Melissa and Tye, Shahs of Sunset and Married to Jonas. His net worth is now up to $450 million.


James Franco | $30 Million | College Professor

James Franco must have been such a hit on the big screen that colleges and universities sought him out to teach in their academic programs. We’re not just talking about one teaching gig. Believe it or not, but James has actually taught in four different schools.  New York Magazine reported that he started seriously teaching back in 2010 when he taught in a total of four schools at the same time. The actor taught fiction writing at Columbia and Brooklyn College, filmmaking at New York University, and poetry at Warren Wilson College. Other than this, he also taught film at UCLA. He gets hired by all of these schools because he actually has the proper credentials. James Franco actually earned a Ph.D. degree in English from no less than Yale University, if you’re wondering. Now, who wouldn’t want to hire him? Though he had a rough start because of his affiliation to Hollywood, his students rated him relatively high and loved having him around.


Rita Wilson |$120 Million | Journalist

Rita Wilson may be a renowned actress and singer, but she is also a journalist. Besides her glitzy and glamorous job in front of the camera, the actress also writes several publications. She was once a contributing editor in Harper’s Bazaar Magazine and has written more than twenty published articles. She was also the Editor at Large of Huff/Post50, a section of The Huffington Post.

As a writer, Rita wrote about topics that relate to people who are over the age of 50. She even has writing credits for the Oprah magazine called O. All of her writing pursuits are actually pretty impressive, but these contributions are more low-key than her movies. It’s great to know that Rita is multi-talented and that she shows off her skills in other ways than performing. Her writing will surely continue in the future.


Carmen Electra | $20 Million | Lingerie Business

The stunning beauty that is Carmen Electra became widely popular for her great looks and her sexy film roles, especially back in the 1990s. Now, she has her lingerie line, which she manages along with her acting career.

She opened With Love From Carmen in 2017 and said that since she had sultry photoshoots before, along with her dancing, she wished she had her own lingerie business. The actress even went as far as going around the world just to look for the best lingerie that she could wear for the stage. Of course, she flew with travel insurance because someone like her could definitely afford it. From these adventures, she learned a lot about the materials and the structures that could be great to wear. Her line is extensive as it also has swimwear and stuff you could wear at home. Thanks to her business savvy mindset, Carmen now enjoys a net worth of around $20 million.


Shaquille O’Neal | $400 Million | Law Enforcement

Shaquille O’Neal is a retired athlete, and he chooses to spend his retirement as the Director of Community Relations at the Henry County Sheriff’s Office. Based in Georgia, Shaq seems like he is living in a movie. According to Sheriff Reginald Scandrett of the office, his role as the Community Relations Director is supposed to be helpful since he is responsible for bringing the law enforcement agency closer to their community members.

Shaquille has been vocal about his distaste for police violence even when he was still active in the industry. He said that now he has talked to both sides of the party and hopes that he can make both sides understand each other and treat each other with dignity and respect when interacting. In one interview, he even said that people can always call on him to handle it if things go wrong. The degree of closeness that he has with the police goes way back.


Rupert Grint | $55 Million | Broadway Actor

We all know English actor Rupert Grint for playing the iconic role of Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies, but after the wizarding world came to a close, Rupert actually ventured into the stage. As his movie credits continued to come in, he decided to go into Broadway as well. His first show was It’s Only a Play by Terrence McNally. With him on his first play was Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, F. Murray Abraham, Megan Mullally, Stockard Channing, and Micah Stock. The Broadway show premiered and ran in the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre. In it, Rupert played a young theater director named Frank Finger. Rupert was also cast in Mojo by Jez Butterworth. This was his West End debut, so it’s safe to say that his interestingly budding thespian career will keep on flourishing. He truly is one talented actor.


Marilyn Manson | $30 Million | Watercolourist

We all know Marilyn Mason as a rock star. He was a singer, a director, a songwriter, composer, and a photographer in his heyday. Now, he has gravitated towards the visual arts with the specific medium of watercolor in mind. He had an art show in 2002 entitled Marilyn’s Golden Age of Grotesque Art Show, where a lot of his works were displayed. He named his show after his album to make it entirely his. During his event, Marilyn sold more than 30 art pieces. His exhibit featured his growing technique and skill in painting, as well as working with watercolor. According to him, he only began to paint with the intention of keeping his art for himself or for the friends that he made models for his art. He didn’t dream of showing it to the public and even make money out of it. Things went well, though, because now he isn’t only inspiring people but also profiting from it. It was a worthy investment, after all.



Nick Offerman | $6 Million | Woodworking

Nick Offerman is popular for his role as Ron Swanson, and though it would be shocking, he is actually into woodworking outside of acting. As it turns out, Nick has been into carpentry for years, even while he was busy acting. He even has his own shop based in Los Angeles called The Offerman Wood Shop.

On top of this, he authored a book on the topic and explained how he grew up doing woodworking with his dad. His passion for woodwork came from the countless bonding hours they had. He went into theater building sets when he was taking up his degree. It was only later on that he moved to pursue acting outside of the stage. He got his capital to grow his business, though, so it was not a waste at all! His love for both acting and woodworking melded with each other quite well.


Clint Eastwood | $400 Million | Military

Clint Eastwood is known as one of the legends of Hollywood. His memorable performances have made him one of the top actors of his time. Today, people hail him as a household name, with a reputation that precedes him. Not only that, but Clint is also among the most financially successful celebrities of his time.

With excellent money management skills, he accumulated a net worth of $400 million from all his entertainment business work. What most people don’t know about Clint, though, is that he used to be in the military. Before he even dreamed of acting, he got drafted by the United States Army and got placed in Fort Ord in 1951. Though it isn’t necessarily a side job, being in the military service never really goes away. He even experienced an in-flight near-death experience while he was on duty. He survived a plane crash, and this became a critical time in his life. He met Richard Long, David Janssen, and Martin Milner during his time in service. This is where he discovered he wanted to give Hollywood a shot too.


Ashton Kutcher | $220 Million | Investor

Ashton Kutcher is no longer very active in the acting scene, but he is most definitely giving his all in the investing world. Last year, Business Insider called him the Most Active Celebrity Investor in Silicon Valley and the Most Experienced Tech Investor in Hollywood. We already know that he’s been doing some good work away from the spotlight with these credentials.

Ashton has been making lots of investments over the years, and apparently, they have been growing exponentially. As his name is still very popular in Hollywood, he decided to use that reputation to expand his business ventures. Being active, Time Magazine also hailed him as one of the Most Influential People. Clearly, his businesses were going great. He started out with a $30 million portfolio, and now he is up to $250 million. Not only is he talented, but Ashton is also quite a savvy business if you come to think of it.


Kevin Costner | $250 Million | Businessman

Hollywood personality Kevin Costner placed some investment money on a company called Costner in Nevada Corporation or more popularly known as CINC Inc., back in the 1990s. While this didn’t make the news back then, things started to change when an oil spill happened in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. His company was quiet for decades, but suddenly, he said he wanted to help. This act brought him on Good Morning America, where he told everyone where he was coming from. He said that when he saw the situation and knew he could do something about it, he decided to act on it. Though he offered his 32 centrifuges to clean up the oil spill, authorities did not use them due to some delays. He managed to get attention for his company, though, so at least he got publicity.



Bruce Willis | $300 Million | Businessman

Actor Bruce Willis has graced the screens with his talents and good looks, but he is also quite the businessman behind the camera. He has engaged in several business ventures in the past, including a production company, food and beverage, and endorsement deals that asked for company shares. His financial advisers are probably very proud of him for making these steps.

In 2000, he started Cheyenne Enterprises, a motion picture production company that he put up with Arnold Rifkin. However, he left the company and left it with Arnold in 2007. He also owns a bar called The Mint Bar in Hailey, Idaho, which he eventually gave up on as well. Beside the bar was The Liberty Theater, which was also his. On top of this, he is one of the restaurants Planet Hollywood co-founders, along with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.  Finally, he signed an endorsement contract with Sobieski Vodka in 2009 that required 3.3% ownership of the company as compensation.



Tom Brady | $200 Million | Endorser

Tom Brady is considered one of the greatest American football players. The 43-year-old had just won his seventh title in the NFL. In 2020, Tom got signed to a two-year deal worth $50 million. Loving the sport that he was playing and the passion for winning championships, Tom sacrificed a lot of money for his former team’s success, the New England Patriots. We give credit to the quarterback for spending 20 seasons and sacrificing an estimated amount of $60 million for his former team’s benefit. Tom also earned a lot of money through his endorsements for different brands. He is currently making $12 million a year for endorsing Under Armour, Sam Adams, Foot Locker, and Tag Heuer. We can say that he is NFL’s greatest quarterback, for he has won the most Super Bowl in the league’s history. He surely won’t run out of cash anytime soon.





Johnny Depp is one of the top-paid actors in the world. He has a net worth of $150 million and created many successful films throughout his prolific career.

The Pirates the Caribbean actor was born in Owensboro, Kentucky, on June 9, 1963. At the age of 12 years old, he began playing guitar after his mother gave him one. He then dropped out of high school and pursued his dream of becoming a rock musician. Depp has a band, The Kids, but they did not last long and split up. Since then, he decided to venture into acting after listening to some advice from the famous Nicolas Cage. Depp’s first film was a horror one, A Nightmare on Elm Street. From there, the degree of his fame skyrocketed, making him one of the greatest actors in time. The iconic actor established his own production company Infinitum Nihil in 2004 and is now worth a staggering $150 million.





Among the wealthiest man in the world is the famous Adam Sandler. He is a prominent producer, comedian, and actor. He rose to popularity after being a cast on Saturday Night Live. Following his comedic breakthrough, Adam continued to appear in numerous classic movies such as The Wedding Singer, Big Daddy, Happy Gilmore, Little Nicky, 50 First Date, Mr. Deeds, and Big Daddy. In his tenure in the industry, he both wrote and produced many films. Likewise, he established his own production company, Happy Madison. It was a massive investment for him but worth it for the company has produced many huge films.

Netflix reached out to Adam, and they signed a four-film production worth $250 million. Moreover, Adam always has been highly esteemed for his performance. He is the holder of 11 Raspberry Award nominations and three Golden Raspberry Awards. With his many achievements, his wife and two daughters are proud of him.



Michael Strahan | $65 MILLION | CLOTHING LINE


Michael Strahan’s career encompasses both the sports and entertainment industry. He is a former American football player and sports analyst. Michael once played for 14 seasons for the New York Giants as a defensive end of the team. Aside from being a sports analyst, many were shocked to find out that he also hosts. The co-host of Good Morning America is working full time in the show. Before he worked for the show, he was the former host of Live! with Kelly and Michael but left in 2016. His tenure in the show made him praised two Daytime Emmy Awards.

As a famous athlete and TV host, he ventured out in business and settled a clothing line, M Collection by Michael Strahan. He never needs small business loans to establish this because of his monumental $64 million net worth. The clothing brand features formal and casual men’s clothes.




Dr. Phil McGraw is a former psychologist, TV personality, and author. He was born on September 1, 1950, in Oklahoma. Ever since he was a child, he dreamed of becoming a psychologist. He studied at the University of Tulsa and got a football scholarship. Dr. Phil was a great football player and played as the middle linebacker of the team. The following year, he transferred to Midwestern State University and finished his degree in psychology there. He became a Doctor of Psychology in 1976 and practiced his profession for few years. Apart from being a doctor, he founded CSI Courtroom Sciences, Inc., an organization that helps an individual and corporation plaintiffs make settlements. Dr. Phil retained his license in a good name for 15 years until his retirement in 2006. Regardless, he still branched out his career into many professions like an author and celebrity.





Renowned actress and singer Connie Stevens now has a net worth of $50 million. The former member of The Fourmost singing group has been an icon in history.


Connie began appearing in films in 1957, with the Young and Dangerous being her first film. The following year, she released her debut album, Concetta. She had recurring roles in Rock-A-Bye Baby, a musical comedy, and The Party Crashers, a drama movie. The Hawaiian Eye star always showcases her talents both in acting and singing. She received an excellent musical success when her single became a radio hit. The Sixteen Reasons single ranked three on UK Singles Chart and Billboard 100 in 1960. Connie remained to appear in motion pictures and perform in musical nightclubs. Her performance got recognized throughout the years – achieving a Hollywood Walk of Fame and an Italian Walk of Fame stars. As part of her many investments, she founded a cosmetic company, Forever Spring.


Jordan Palmer | $2 MILLION | COACH


The former American football quarterback, Jordan Palmer, is now working as a coach. He is the quarterback’s coach at EXOS and proud to guide many aspiring players like him.

Growing up, Jordan got inspired by his older brother, Carson, who was also an NFL quarterback. He went to Mission Viejo High School and played college football at the University of Texas. After graduating in 2007, Jordan got chosen by Washington Redskins as their NFL Draft. Jordan became a member of few teams like Cincinnati Bengals, Arizona Rattlers, Chicago Bears, Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo Bills, and Sacramento Mountain Lions.

Jordan sure made some serious investment money from his NFL and coaching career. While we will be thrilled to see him play on the field again, Jordan is indeed happy working at EXOS NFL Draft training center. Many fans will embrace him once he played again!




The former Victoria’s Secret Angel, Heidi Klum, is one of the world’s most fabulous supermodels. Ever since she began her career, Heidi has always surprised people with her professionalism and modeling skills. Over the years, her career has evolved from being a model to being a TV host, actress, fashion designer, and businesswoman. Indeed, Heidi possessed many talents in life, making her an experienced celebrity in the industry. The America’s Got Talent judge built her empire, including hosting, endorsement, TV productions, and her own business. If you didn’t know, she is actually the founder of Heidi Klum intimates, an intimate line.

Heidi’s name quickly gained popularity, making her cover major magazines such as InStyle, Elle, Vogue, and Glamour. Amidst her modeling career, Heidi collaborated with various brands like Marc Jacobs, New Balance, Givenchy, McDonald’s, and Volkswagen. While many criticized her for not the ideal model, she proved them all wrong and thrived in the field. With her $160 million net worth, she can secure many investments and live a luxurious life!




The well-known Miss Universe host became notable after causing a mistake in announcing the pageant winner back in 2015. Nevertheless, Steve Harvey has always flourished as a comedian, host, businessman, and entertainer.

We all know that people recognize this man for hosting his own show, The Steve Harvey Morning Show. Apart from this, he also hosted famous game shows like Family Feud. The host ended his 27-year career as a stand-up comedian on August 2, 2012, after performing his final show at MGM Grand, Las Vegas. It was an emotional and unforgettable moment for him, yet it opened many more projects and opportunities. Other ventures he pursued outside hosting is writing a book. His book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, spent 64 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. With all his achievements today, he never worries about gas and other expenses!



Being an award-winning actor opened many doors and opportunities for Denzel Washington. However, before coming to Hollywood, Denzel’s mother pursued him to join the Oakland Military Academy. While many think that he did not benefit from this, their assumptions turned out to be wrong. In reality, the actor gives credit for his mother’s encouragement because it saved his life. Although he was studying a Fordham University, he spent his summer working in a YMCA camp. His one performance brought joy to many of his colleagues and suggested that he risk the path for acting. Today, he is one of the best actors in history, and no one can deny that given his long list of awards. Apart from his career, he also busies himself with philanthropic works. Denzel gave his personal and financial support to numerous organizations. Certainly, this man has a good heart and a thriving career!



Meg Ryan, a popular actress, possessed an amassed net worth of $85 million. She has been in the industry for more than four decades and has proven herself to be one of the greatest film actresses. As an actress, Meg found success in romantic comedies. During her heydays, she got paid $10-15 million for every film. This made her the highest-paid actress in the world a few times. Her beauty landed her on many leading actress roles, but her talents are also apparent in films. As one of the best leading actresses of her time, Meg received many awards and nominations, including three Golden Globes nominations. Kudos to this woman for being excellent at her job!

With her investment money, she bought various real estates and re-enlisted them. She has sold her properties a few times, and it became her side hustle.



Will Smith always proved himself as a versatile actor in the film industry. His investments are no less varied, making him an owner of few companies. He has a venture capital firm, Dreamers VC, which helps Japanese investors with United States setups.

Will is also a social media superstar, and as of writing, he has a million followers on different social media platforms. He has many awards and nominations, including two nominations of the Academy Award for the role in films The Pursuit of Happiness and Ali. He also received other awards: one Image Award, two BET Awards, two People’s Choice Awards, and four MTV Movie Awards. Furthermore, he got recognized as the most bankable star across the world by Forbes Magazine. Newsweek even called him the most powerful actor in Hollywood, and his achievements in the industry will tell you why. Praises to Will for his capabilities and skills!



Throughout the years, Taylor Swift has evolved from a doe-eyed country-pop star to becoming one of the world’s best-selling music artists. She is widely acclaimed worldwide for her narrative songwriting. Her songs frequently take influence from her personal life, particularly her love life.

Taylor never thought that her simple love for music would take her to many places. She is among the most famous and successful singers on the planet, with a $400 million net worth. This is enough to pay for gas and build a luxurious home for her. Her albums sold more than 200 million records around the world. Likewise, she received many accolades in her careers, such as 10 Grammy Awards, 27 Guinness World Records, an Emmy Award, 23 Billboard Music Awards, and 32 American Music Awards. Other than her music career, Taylor is also a philanthropist. For her work both in kind deeds and in the industry, she ranked as part of the most influential people by Time Magazine.


There is no doubt that Richard Gere is one of the most iconic actors of his generation in anyone’s mind. He started his career in the 1970s and received several acclaims for his performance in films like Chicago, Pretty Woman, and An Officer and a Gentleman. In addition, Richard also received several nominations from various award-giving bodies, including SAG Awards and Golden Globe Award. However, outside of Hollywood, Richard is a philanthropist who dedicated his efforts to helping people in Tibet.

Richard holds versatility in the show industry. Fans even regard him as one of the highest-paid leading men in Hollywood for his exceptional work. In the early days, he became known in Broadway and later on earned a Theater World Award. Richard gives credit for his capabilities, which helped him reached his goals and established a career in life. The Nights in Rodanthe actor has contributed so much to showbiz and honored with George Eastman Award.



Cameron Diaz is an actress and model who rose to fame after her performance in the film The Mask. Since then, the model-turned-actress joined the ranks of Hollywood A-listers, earning millions from acting alone. At some point in her career, Cameron even became one of the highest-paid actresses in the world.

Cameron began her career at the age of 16. Her blonde, gorgeous face landed her a contract with Elite Model Management. Over five years of modeling, she scored plenty of prestigious fashion campaigns in Australia, Japan, and Paris. The Charlie’s Angels actress had a successful career thanks to her excellent work of art in motion pictures. We certainly miss Cameron on screen and hope to see her appear in few movies one day. Now that Cameron has retired from acting, she ventured into several investments and established her own wine company, Avaline.



The former NFL linebacker, Shawn Merriman, just cannot stop working. After retiring from the football industry in 2013, the pro-athlete had several options laid on his feet for what to do next. A career in wrestling and an acting career was also on the list. However, he settled on putting his investment money on a clothing line called Lights Out. While the clothing line is doing fine, Merriman seems to be missing something. He realized that he longs the adrenaline rush while playing sports, and that is when he started considering branching out and picked interest in MMA. Although Merriman wanted to fight as an MMA player, he came up with a better idea – putting up his own MMA promotional business. He partnered with Steve Bash and George Bastrmajyan and came out with Lights Out Xtreme Fighting – the name that he seems to stem from his sports clothing brand. Now, Merriman plans to fight competitively while being the owner of the company.




The Wheel of Fortune co-host since 1982, Vanna White, has been silently making fortunes while she is spinning the wheel. Vanna White has a degree in fashion design and eventually pursued a modeling and acting career. She landed several acting jobs before landing her lifetime career in Wheel of Fortune.

However, while working as a co-host on the hit game show, White started accepting endorsements and earned more to help her grow her funds. Growing up, she must have learned a few things about real estate and house-flipping from her father, who used to be a real estate broker back in South Carolina. Seeing the potential earnings of buying and selling houses, Vanna started putting her investment money into run-down properties. She even listed her Beverly Hills home for $47 million. As such, it is no wonder why White was able to reach a net worth of $70 million.



Ever since Leonardo Dicaprio showcased his talents in the film Titanic, his earning do not stop. The blue-eyed, handsome stud first started in small roles, but his motivation to provide for his mother kept him running. Despite the challenges, he made it big and became one of the greatest actors in the industry. He bought several properties using his investment money to house his family and establish another source of income.

Dicaprio owns six properties as of today. He owns a house in Hollywood Hills, one at Los Feliz, and two at Malibu. He also owns an island that he plans to build as a resort. Dicaprio seems smart enough to make money out of his excess properties by putting some of his properties on lease. The actor also leased his Hollywood Hills house to celebrities like Tobey Maguire. He is even renting his beachfront home in Malibu. That is why Leo’s net worth increased over the years and reached $260 million.



Would you believe that Jennifer Aniston made her almost half a billion net worth through films alone? Of course not! While her acting resume is already beyond impressive, she also has side hustles to keep her credit score rising.

Jen rose to fame as Rachel in FRIENDS sitcom. For that opportunity alone, Jen won several awards and bagged a $1 million per episode salary in its last season. While doing the sitcom, Jen also did films such as Picture Perfect, She’s The One, The Object of My Affection, Bruce Almighty and Office Space. Moreover, Jen also did several brand endorsements that gave her a hefty cash flow. Her endorsements proved to be effective and successful that she managed to land big names such as Aveeno, L’Oreal, Emirates Airlines, and Smartwater. Adding to her income-generating ventures is the production company she co-founded, Echo Films.



Justin Bieber’s rise to fame was incredibly inspiring, especially to the youth. He was discovered through his YouTube channel by a music producer when he was only 13. Despite his young age, Bieber showed great talent and skills, making him a qualified recording star. Under Usher’s mentoring and guidance, Justin managed to release his hit songs One Time, One Less Lonely Girl, and Love Me that marked his success worldwide.

However, as his career progressed and became world-renowned, he had moments of ups and downs. He managed to get back up with the help of his family and friends. Now, Bieber is happily married to the model Hailey Baldwin. Likewise, Bieber also modeled and became the face of Calvin Klein in 2015. Bieber also ventured into business and launched his fragrance line in 2011 and his clothing line, Drew, in 2018. We’re sure he has other investments that helped him achieve a net worth of $285 million.



Jessica Simpson proved that she has way lot more to offer than being a singer. Simpson, who is now a mother of three, has launched a fashion brand that earned her millions while nurturing her family. The Duke of Hazards star stepped into the world of fashion and design with a maternity wear line. She later expanded to beddings and bedroom decors, and fragrances. Then, in 2005, she finally launched The Jessica Simpson Collection – a clothing and accessories brand that caters to all ages.

Unlike other celebrities, Simpson managed to pull through with her business investments and make it a continuing success. She attribute’s her success in her business venture to being consistent and knowing her target market. Her fashion brand is available in many store outlets and targets mid-end consumers. It is no wonder why she makes a hefty $200 million net worth.



From humble beginnings to being a multimillionaire, Jerry Seinfeld is the comedian that we can all look up to and serves as inspiration. Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David wrote the long-running and syndicated sitcom Seinfeld. Seinfeld managed to make his show a massive success through his hard work, dedication, and thoroughness. He also shared that his consistency and focus made him who he is right now. Seinfeld surely knows how to seize an opportunity when it comes.

Later on, Jerry also dipped his toes into writing and published SeinLanguage based on their show’s famous lines and quotes. This ultimately opened the door for him to become an author. Seinfeld wrote a children’s book and penned several forewords in books following his first book. Now, he is enjoying a luxurious life and several personal investments. He owns properties and a massive car collection. His $950 million net worth was made possible through his million-dollar-worth of paychecks and royalty shares from Seinfeld.



Kylie Jenner, whose roots are from the Kardashian clan, proves that her marketing prowess is immeasurable, just like sisters. From being a reality star to an Instagram influencer and brand ambassador, Kylie has proven that she can carve out a name herself. She owns Kylie Cosmetics that gave her a net worth of $700 million, placing her as the second richest Kardashian.

Before making it big with her Kylie lip kit, Kylie first appeared in Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kylie is also the younger sister of Kendall Jenner, who ventured into modeling. While her older sister captured the spotlight as a supermodel, Kylie turned to social media and began gaining influencer status. By the age of 17, Kylie plugged in her cosmetic investment. She used her social media platforms to market and advertise her lip kits, and they sold like hotcakes. The revenue of her lip kit made her among the youngest millionaires of her time. Because of this, the youngest Jenner earned a spot in 2017 Forbe’s 30 under 30.


Carrie Underwood’s singing career started after she placed 5th in the 2005 season of American Idol. Although she didn’t bag the title, she scored a record deal that made her the famous Country singer today. Among her hit songs are Inside Your Heaven, Before He Cheats, and Jesus, Take the Wheels.

Just as her music career began to take flight, her charms also paved the way for an acting career. During that time, Carrie scored an appearance in the hit tv sitcom How I met Your Mother in 2010 and acted on the film Soul Surfer in 2011. She also played the role of Maria Von Trap in The Sound of Music Live, which aired on NBC in 2013. Apart from acting, she also got endorsement contracts from different brands that range from apparel to accessories. Underwood now has a net worth of $140 million. With that amount of money, she must secure insurance for herself and her family.


Warren Moon is a football hall of fame legend. He started playing in the pro league in 1978 and retired in 2000. Moon initially played in Canadian Football League under Edmonton Eskimos from 1978 to 1983 before joining NFL under Houston Oilers. Throughout his career, he played several impressive passes, offenses, and field play. It earned him several awards such as Most Valuable Player and Most Offensive Player of the Year in the 1990 NFL season.

However, Moon took a short break after retirement and returned to the sports world as a new person – not as an athlete but as a businessman. Moon decided to make use of his investment money to co-founded a sports marketing and advertising company. Moon, together with David Meltzer, founded Sports 1 Marketing in 2010. It aims to help job seekers land their careers in the sports industry. They also partnered with other companies to expand their reach.



Stephen Cobert is among the most talented comedians in the industry today. Not only can he do stand-up comedy, but he can also act, sing, and host. People most recognize him for his program at Comedy Central, Colbert Report, which ran from 2005 to 2014. He also hosts The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. He is among the highest-paid comedian tv host in the industry. He has a net worth of $75 million that he can use for purchasing insurance and retirement plan in the future.

Apart from hosting, he also lends his voice to characters in films and TV shows. He also participated and worked for the 2010 US Olympic speed skating team as an assistant sports psychologist. Adding to his long list of accomplishments is his authored novel, Wigfield. Outside the limelight. Colbert invests his time in the community as a church minister and teaches in Sunday School. This side of th host resulted from his parents’ upbringing, which centers around their Catholic faith.



The Canadian singer Shania Twain is among the hottest and sought-after singers in the ‘90s. Her hit songs From This Moment On, That Don’t Impress Me Much, and You’re Still The One made her an award-winning singer with a total of four Grammys. As Twain’s career rose, she made a net worth of $400 million. The said net worth helped her purchase several investments.

Twain has several properties in Canada, New Zealand, the Bahamas, Switzerland, and the US. Although the singer already sold some of it, others are still up for leasing or sale. She once owned a luxury lodge in New Zealand called Mahu Whenua. It has a gorgeous overlooking view of the greens and stunning interior design. She used to set it for rent years ago before selling it. She already put up in listing her Bahamas vacation home. She also owns houses in Las Vegas, but her primary residence is in Switzerland.



The 49-year-old multi-talented actor, Jared Leto, is loved by his fans as Joker in Suicide Squad. He also earned the respect of critics when he played a transgender woman in the 2017 movie Dallas Buyers Club. Additionally, Jared won Best Supporting Actor in Academy Awards, Golden Globes Award, and Screen Actors Guild Award for the said role. However, acting is not the only field that Leto excels in. He is also a renowned band member and vocalist of Thirty Seconds to Mars.

Leto grew up in an environment full of arts. As a result, he grew an interest in arts and music, the reason why he pursued a degree at the School of Visual Arts. He and his brother, Shannon Leto, formed their rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars in 1998. Their hit singles are Kings and Queens and Edge of the Earth. Thirty Seconds to Mars is also an award-winning band and a Guinness World of Record titleholder.



Barbara Walters has dominated the newsroom and world of journalism from the ‘60s to early 2000. She was among the most notable female newscaster and journalist who made a remarkable change and innovation in journalism. She hosted several top-rated news shows such as 20/20, The View, The Today Show, and ABC Evening News. Walters’ best-known works are her interviews with political and world leaders. After her long and fruitful journalism career, Walters finally retired in 2015 at the age of 86.

Her other works include her book How to Talk Practically Anybody about Practically Anything, published in 1970. The said book originated from her column in a magazine and received positive reviews. As of this moment, the said book has been reprinted a couple of times and translated into several languages. The earnings of her book add up to her net worth of $170 million. With this amount of money, Walters never had to worry about paying for mortgages.


Simon Cowell is among the millionaires who proved that you do not need a degree to be successful. Don’t get us wrong, though – education is essential! We mean to say that Cowell was able to succeed only with his hard work and wits. Now, he has a net worth of $600 million and living a comfortable and luxurious life.

He first started working in a music company’s mailroom when he was 16 and eventually learned his way up. After knowing the ins and outs of the business, Simon quickly built his own record label. He also produced shows like Got Talent and X-Factor. Cowell also owns SyCo Entertainment that houses singers and talents such as Noah Cyrus, Camilla Cabello, and many more. It also launched and honed former talents such as One Direction, Leona Lewis, and Susan Boyle. Simon Cowell is indeed a clever and savvy businessman.


CHER | $360 Million | Perfumer

Cher is one of the most recognizable voices in the music industry. After decades of numerous career milestones, she has established herself as a talented singer and a cultural icon. Cher has sold over 100 million records worldwide, making her one of the highest-paid performers. She is perhaps best known for her hit singles such as “I Got You Babe,” “Gypsies,” “Dark Lady,” among many others.

What most people don’t know, however, is that she is also a successful fragrance owner. That’s right! The pop culture icon is also a savvy businesswoman. She launched her first perfume line called “Uninhibited” and followed it recently with a new fragrance called “Cher Eau de Couture.” This only shows that she is talented in singing and has also demonstrated talent in investment planning. Indeed, with a net worth of $360 million, it’s no wonder why her wealth has grown so rapidly.


ELTON JOHN | $500 Million | Art Collector

Elton John is one of the most famous musicians in the world, whose impeccable talents made him almost like a music virtuoso. He has sold over 300 million albums worldwide, which puts him among the top 5 highest-earning musicians of all time. He was especially prominent during the 1980s and the 1990s, after releasing hit after hit, including the iconic Lion King song Can You Feel the Love Tonight, which has sold over 15 million copies and was awarded a Grammy for Best Song.

However, his artistic pursuits are not limited to music, as he is also known to be an avid fan of the visual arts. Indeed, his art collection is a smart investment for him since art pieces are known to increase in value over time. Among his many prized possessions are Mapplethorpe, Warhol, Basquiat, Haring, and Damien Hirst, all of which cost around $200 million.


TONY HAWK | $140 Million | Entrepreneur

Tony Hawk is perhaps the hero of most boys at a time when skating was trendy. During the early 2000s, he was very prominent that game developers even named a video game after him. Skating experts even consider him to be the most decorated and highest-paid professional skateboarder in the sport’s history. He also earned millions of dollars from endorsements, tournament prizes, and various appearances on TV. He is legendary for the skateboard moves that he pioneered, such as the frontside 540-rodeo flip.

Outside the skateboarding ramps, Tony prides himself on being an entrepreneur. He invested in the skateboard company Birdhouse, which produces boards and accessories. Tony also owns a clothing line called Hawk Clothing. He even surprised his fans when he ventured into the movie business through his investments in 900 films. We’re sure Tony is now living a comfy life thanks to the wise decisions he made early in his career.


DEMI MOORE | $200 Million | Author

Demi Moore belongs to the pantheon of the most beautiful and versatile actresses in Hollywood. She is perhaps best known for her performances in blockbuster hits such as Striptease, G.I. Jane, A Few Good Men, and Indecent Proposal, among many others. Demi was very prominent, especially during the ‘90s, and continues to be relevant today. Throughout her career, she has earned numerous accolades and recognitions, including two Golden Globe nominations.

Outside of Hollywood, she’s also known to be a successful author. The publishing giant Harper Collins recently published Demi Moore’s memoir called Inside Out, which debuted at No. 1 on The New York Times’ Combined Print & E-Book Nonfiction best-sellers list and Hardcover Nonfiction best-sellers list. This only shows how incredibly talented she is! We just hope that she has also thought of hiring a capable financial advisor to help her sort her finances.


DOLLY PARTON | $600 Million | Entrepreneur

Without a doubt, Dolly Parton is a living musical legend who changed the industry’s landscape throughout the years. The country singer has been making waves in the music industry for over four decades now, churning out hugely successful hits such as 9 to 5 and I Will Always Love You. She has sold more than 100 million albums across the globe, which makes her one of the highest-paid artists.

As such, it’s comes as no surprise that she was able to build a massive fortune throughout her long and illustrious career. Today, Dolly enjoys the luxury of having a net worth of $600 million, which she got from many sources such as music royalties, concert tours, and many other investments. One of her many successful business ventures is a theme park in Tennessee, which attracts over 3 million visitors annually.


SOPHIA LOREN | $75 Million | Real Estate Investor

Sophia Loren embodies the term ‘regal’ in every sense of the word. We can’t help but feel enamored whenever we see her presence on the screen. Her captivating presence, stunning beauty, and her remarkable acting skills have undoubtedly thrust her into the ranks of the most beloved actresses in the world. She has seized our hearts with movies such as Houseboat, That Kind of Woman, and Two Women. However, what makes her even more amazing is that she is still as graceful as ever, even though she’s already 86 years old.

Moreover, her majestic aura on screen aptly resembles the kind of lifestyle she leads. Many people might be surprised to learn that she also has a knack for real estate business and investments. For instance, she used to own a lavish abode in Rome, Italy. The posh cabin is worth over $44 million and sits on 24 acres of land.


BEYONCE | $500 Million | Fashion Designer

Beyonce, or “Queen Bey,” as fans fondly call her, is one of the most enduring megastars in the business today. Ever since she started in the music industry, she has never stepped out of the limelight. She is so successful that she is already considered a cultural icon. Her most famous hits include Single Ladies, Irreplaceable, Love on Top, Crazy in Love, and many more. She was also first known as the leading member of the popular girl group Destiny’s Child.

However, her greatness is not limited to the concert stage and the recording studio, as she has also shown incredible talent in designing clothes as well. For instance, she has invested in a fashion line called House of Dereon, which produces high-end accessories, footwear, jewelry, lingerie, and many more. Her total net worth is a mindboggling $500 million, and that doesn’t even include her husband’s fortune! Together with her husband, they have a combined net worth of $1.5 billion. With that much money, we’re hoping they hired the best financial advisors in the market.


WENDY WILLIAMS | $40 Million | Entrepreneur

Wendy Williams is a well-known television personality, entrepreneur, and writer who became famous for hosting the television talk show The Wendy Williams Show. Thanks to the show’s success, Wendy has earned an estimated $10 million income annually since 2008. Her show has been broadcasted in over 54 countries and has attracted over 2.4 million viewers on average. That figure alone must be enough to give you an idea of how successful she is.

With such a hefty paycheck, it’s no wonder then that she amassed a considerable fortune, which includes many significant investments that further increased her net worth. For instance, she collaborated with Home Shopping Network to distribute her own clothing line of skirts, sweaters, dresses, and many more. She even has her own jewelry line called Adorn by Wendy Williams, which consumers can purchase through Home Shopping Network.


STEVEN SPIELBERG | $7 Billion | Video Game Producer

Steven Spielberg is so widely regarded as a film director and producer that his name is already synonymous with movies and Hollywood. Indeed, he is so prominent within the industry that if there were ever a Mt. Rushmore of Hollywood, his face would definitely be up there. Steven has the uncanny ability to make films that are commercially viable and still have artistic merit. He is perhaps best known for pioneering the blockbuster cinema with works such as Jaws, Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan, The Terminal, and Catch Me If You Can, among many others.

However, people might be even more amazed to learn that he is also a video game producer. He has directed, designed, and wrote many successful video games, one of which is the bestselling first-person shooting game called Medal of Honor. With a net worth of $7 billion, it doesn’t surprise us to see him embarking on various investments as he certainly has the money to do almost anything.


SERENA WILLIAMS | $210 Million | TV Actress

People know Serena Williams to be one of the most successful female tennis players of all time. She is a world champion who ranked number one numerous times and has earned more than any other female athletes in any sport. In fact, Serena was the only female player to be included in the prestigious Forbes list of the highest-paid athletes in the world back in 2016. She has also won three Olympic Gold medals at the Sydney, Beijing, and London Olympics.

However, as talented as she is on the tennis court, she also tried her hand in the entertainment industry. She appeared in numerous TV shows such as The Bernie Mac Show, ER, and Law & Order. She even tried to do voice acting for an episode of The Simpsons. Because she has so many income streams, it’s no wonder she has accumulated a massive fortune. Though we still advise her to hire a financial advisor so that she could maintain her significant wealth.


ALEX RODRIGUEZ | $350 Million | Media Personality

Alex Rodriguez is a former professional baseball player who rose to prominence for his time with the New York Yankees, which he played for from 2004 until his retirement in 2017. He has garnered numerous accolades and recognitions throughout his career, including two MVP awards in 2005 and 2007. He won his first and only world championship title during the 2009 World Series championship over the Philadelphia Phillies.

Amazingly, he has also shown an exceptional flair for broadcasting. After his retirement in 2017, he became a broadcaster for Fox Sports 1 and ABC News Network. Moreover, he also appeared in the hugely successful TV show Shark Tank. Recently, ESPN announced that Alex Rodriguez would be joining the broadcast team of Sunday Night Baseball. It’s no wonder, then, that he’s capable of a luxurious lifestyle, as can be seen in his recent purchase of a lavish investment property in Hollywood Hills.


JANET JACKSON | $190 Million | Film Actress

There’s no doubt that Janet Jackson belongs to the inner circle of Hollywood’s greatest performers. She has been entertaining audiences with her killer moves and unique singing ability since she was a child. You might know her best for being a member of the iconic family music group The Jacksons, which includes no other than the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.

Unsurprisingly, being a great performer comes with a natural inclination for the arts. Janet doesn’t only entertain on stage, but on movie and television screens as well. She appeared in a string of major films such as Poetic Justice, Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, Why Did I Get Married?, and For Colored Girls. That must have been the reason why she’s extremely wealthy. She must have hired a financial advisor that helped her maintain her earnings throughout her career.


SHAQUILLE O’NEAL | $400 Million | Television Host

Shaquille O’Neal is a retired NBA superstar who rose to fame for being one of the most dominant forces the league has ever seen. He became very prominent during the late 1990s and the early 2000s when he and Kobe Bryant played for the Los Angeles Lakers and won three consecutive NBA championship titles, a feat that no one has done since. Fans widely regard Shaquille for his exceptional ability to dominate players while he was on the paint. Fans even called him “Shaq Diesel” because it’s almost impossible to stop him once you get in his way.

He also has an interesting and quirky personality, so he also became successful as a television host and a sports commentator. Shaq has a natural talent for comedy, so audiences are easily drawn to his insightful and hilarious remarks whenever he appears on television. Needless to say, he has amassed a fortune due to his many projects, and we can only imagine the countless investments that he must have made throughout his career.


JAMI GERTZ | $3 Billion | Investor

Jami Gertz is a prominent actress best known for her credit roles in films such as Quicksilver, Crossroads, Less Than Zero, The Lost Boys, and appearances in multiple TV shows like Square Pegs, Still Standing, The Neighbors, and Twister. Moreover, she had a brief stint as a producer for the award-winning film A Better Life.

Gertz and her husband are members of the investment group, which bought the Major League Baseball team the Milwaukee Brewers. A college also got its name from Gertz, and her husband called the Gertz-Ressler High Academy, a member of The Alliance for College-Ready Public Schools. However, her most popular venture is owning the NBA team Atlanta Hawks, which they have purchased since 2015. Gertz even represented the Hawks in the NBA Draft Lottery for 2018, 2019, and 2020 NBA drafts. With their giant bank accounts, Jami and her husband could probably invest in more high profile ventures.


DIANA ROSS | $250 Million | Actress

Diana Ross is hands down one of the most iconic singer-songwriters in the industry. Her legendary singing ability has been enjoyed by millions of people for many decades, even up to this day. She is best known for being a member of the hugely successful music group The Supremes, who have produced bestselling hits such as You Can’t Hurry Love, Where Did Our Love Go, among many others. However, she also enjoyed a successful career as a solo artist with an oeuvre of hit songs like I’m Coming Out, Love Hangover, and Missing You.

Aside from singing and writing songs, she also ventured into the world of movies. Among her numerous film credits include Mahogany, The Wiz, and Lady Sing the Blues, for which she earned a Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations. She truly is one of a kind, and we’re grateful to have experienced her incredible talents.



Andrew Lloyd Webber’s works are highly acclaimed, whether it’s his staggering 21 memorable musicals in his credits or composed film scores. Webber’s musicals have changed the world of theater, and he has created music that people listen and sing along to up to this day. However, the power his work has extends outside of the stage and into the world. Even celebrities and famous musical actors want to a part of his legendary composition. It’s no wonder that he garnered multiple awards from different industries for his contributions. Not only did he get recognition, but Webber also received a knighthood in 1992, followed by a peerage from Queen Elizabeth II. With all of the things he accomplished, he has a total net worth of $1.2 billion.

Other than being a legendary composer, Webber owns seven West End theater property investments. His passion for the art shows as owning these theaters provides a home for budding musicals that have yet to develop. The composer knows a place to create and grow a passion is essential.



Eddie Murphy has been serving notable films throughout his career, but he started up in the stand-up comedy industry before he blew up as an actor. Murphy’s comedic style was so different from the scene when he started that he stood out from the rest. The actor’s sense of humor was not always everyone’s cup of tea, but Murphy knew what he was doing, and his audience got it. His risky style brought him to where he is, and he transferred his comedic prowess into the films he did during his career. It proved to be an essential component of Murphy as he received credits and numerous awards for his work.

Other than being a stand-up comedian and a terrific actor, Murphy used to sing too. He even released an album, and some of his songs got him some minor hits. The actor never stopped singing, but he stopped releasing them. Murphy says that singing is still one of his biggest passions.



Michael Phelps is one of the most refined Olympian athletes in the world. His career as a swimmer was phenomenal, and it catapulted him to celebrity status. During his career, Phelps won a total of 28 medals in the Olympics! Starting at a young age definitely helped his career. The former swimmer also gave his sisters credit for their influence and stated that swimming became his outlet. After several accomplishments, Phelps has decided to retire from the sport and focus on a new path in his life.

The former athlete cares about mental health a lot, and his career as a mental health worker is something he takes seriously and cherishes. In 2018, he helped launch a new platform providing help and services for teens. The online therapy app is called Talkspace, and Phelps loves the idea of helping children with their mental health. Even if it’s considered his second career, Phelps treats it as much more because of its importance to him. His swimming career helped his net worth become $80 million, but he considers mental health more essential now.



Matt Damon has accomplished so much in his career, and he has a long list of credits to prove it. Not only is he an actor, but Damon is also a producer and screenwriter. His rise to stardom was when he and another well-known actor, Ben Affleck, wrote and starred in Good Will Hunting. Their performances went on to win them an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for Best Screenplay. As for being an actor, Damon’s role as Jason Bourne in the Bourne franchise is one of his most iconic characters. It’s no wonder that the actor is considered one of the most bankable stars with all his accomplishments. His star continues to shine brighter as his career continues. As of 2021, Damon’s total net worth is $170 million. An appropriate amount for the accomplished actor.

Damon established H20 Africa in 2006. The actor is a philanthropist at heart and has continued to help hundreds of communities around the world. The organization dedicates its efforts to assisting communities in obtaining access to clean and safe water.



Jerry Bruckheimer has created numerous films that the world adores. Who can forget about classic films like Flashdance, Top Gun, Armageddon, and Pirates of the Caribbean? Bruckheimer doesn’t only work in movies, but he also has television shows that still are running up to this day, like the CSI shows and the reality competition show The Amazing Race. He might not be in front of the screen for us to see, but his job as a producer is essential in the movies and television shows we watch. It’s no surprise with the long list of credits under his name that his net worth in 2021 is around $1 billion.

Bruckheimer also invested in sports recently. He is now one of the investors for some new Hockey sports team and a sports arena in Las Vegas. In 2018, the expansion team he invested in, Seattle Kraken, was approved by the NHL Board of Governors.



Lebron James is one of the most prominent names in the world of professional basketball. The athlete showed and is still showing that he is one of the best basketball players in the league.

James has won four NBA championships and four Finals MVP Awards throughout his illustrious career, among other accolades he had accomplished. The athlete continues to play in the league, and there’s no stopping him. James has not run out of gas yet as he continues to have one of the most fantastic skillsets in the sport. Because of his achievements, James became a star outside of basketball and has done other ventures. In 2021, his net worth floats around $500 million.
One of the investments James has is a pizza chain called Blaze Pizza. He invested $1 million in the unknown business, and afterward, the pizza chain became successful! The basketball player is not only smart on the court but also with his business ventures.



The Godfather is probably one of the most known films of all time. The film is still watched, referenced, and talked about today, and its impact on the crime and gangster genre is undeniable. Al Pacino’s role as Michael is one of the best performances in his career. This role catapulted him to celebrity status, and his career continued to flourish from then on. At the age of 80, the actor has his foot on the gas pedal and shows no signs of slowing down. Pacino continues to show his prowess in the craft, and his skills and perseverance got him numerous nominations in different academies. His net worth in 2021 is $120 million, and it looks like the numbers are still climbing.
Other than being an actor, Pacino is the co-president of Actor’s Studio. The organization helps people in the industry refine their work and teach method acting. Pacino shows his love for the craft as he continues to advocate for the organization that he became a part of.



Sam Elliott is a notable actor who has received multiple awards in his career. He has a successful career, and all his work is proof of his success. Elliott has a signature look, and he used it to his advantage in every role he got. His lean physique and a full mustache were what people always remembered about the actor. His deep, resonant voice is also a signature of his and has helped his career. The man proves he has not run out of gas as he continues to star in shows and films like the Netflix series The Ranch and the critically acclaimed 2018 film, A Star Is Born.

Other than being an actor, Elliott uses his unique deep voice for voice-over narrations. He has done so many campaigns, and it’s no wonder that with his acting career and his voice work, the actor has a net worth of $10 million as of 2021! He even lent his voice recently for a $4 million ad for Joe Biden. Elliott’s voice has made a career of its own.



Larry David is one of the funniest comedians on earth, and even his fellow comedians agree. His peers and comedy insiders even voted him as one of the greatest comedy stars in 2004. David’s most famous work is his creation of the television sitcom Seinfeld, which has amassed a massive following from today’s generation. Curb Your Enthusiasm is another work of his that received praise from the audience and the media. He received acclaims and nominations for his works, and he continues to be one of the most loved comedians in Hollywood. The man has done so much, and reports have shown that his net worth as of 2021 is $400 million.

Other than everything he’s done on television, David once ventured into the theater to a certain degree. He created a play called Fish in the Dark that premiered in 2015. It’s unknown if David will continue this venture, but the man is multi-faceted and seasons with many credits under his belt. He can do anything he wants to!



Ron Howard is known for being a fantastic producer and director, but Howard’s career started in another direction before all of that. He started his career in the industry as a child actor and appeared in several shows during the beginning of his career. Howard later became a household name when he got the part of Richie Cunningham in the sitcom Happy Days. After being in the show for years, he decided to focus on producing, directing, and sometimes writing. His talent blossomed and created numerous works acclaimed and loved by the audience and the industry. Since then, he has won and received nominations for many of his works, like the film A Beautiful Mind and Frost/Nixon.

His work and accomplishment got him a reported net worth of $200 million as of 2021. Howard continues to do great work as his production company, Impact Creative Systems, works to bring a startup accelerator-style approach to find new faces and fresh talents! His investment in the new generation of writers is fantastic, and it’s going to result in fruitful works.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. was one of the best and most popular professional boxers in the world. His career spanned from 1996 to 2015, and he retired with an undefeated record. Millions around the globe always watched his fights because of his exceptional skills in the ring. Mayweather’s career was remarkable to watch because not only of the wins he got but because of the entertainment his fights produce. His career flourished outside of the ring, and the former boxer became a celebrity personality. His extravagant personality made his limelight even bigger. Mayweather’s boxing career, ventures, and investments turned out great for him, and in 2021, sources have shown his net worth to be around $450 million.

Mayweather has his own promotional company called Mayweather Promotions. Now that he’s retired, the former boxer continues to be part of the sport but in another role.



Jay Leno became one of the most talked-about and watched talk show hosts in the United States after hosting The Tonight Show with Jay Leno for 17 years, from 1992 to 2009. His humor clicked with the audience; that’s why the show lasted for more than a decade. Leno has done a great job throughout his career, and the industry gave him credit by inducting the humorous host into the Television Hall of Fame in 2014. Now, he has another show called Jay Leno’s Garage, where he talks about his passion for cars and anything car-related.

Leno’s love for cars doesn’t just extend to a show, but he also created a business for car care products. Leno’s Garage, the name of his business investment, offers quality care for vehicles. Leno succeeds with his business venture because, other than comedy and hosting, cars are also something he’s fantastic at. All of his work garnered him a net worth of $450 million as of 2021.



Jon Stewart’s career began to gain traction when he became the host of The Daily Show. His stand-up comedy talent meshed well with the satirical show, and he became a fantastic host for the program. He was so well-received that he won 22 Primetime Emmy during his time as the show’s host and a few more other accolades from different academies. From then, the comedian’s career grew, and he branched out to other things like appearing in several films where he used his humor amazingly. Stewart has done so much in his career, and after leaving The Daily Show, he decided to keep a quiet life. However, the host couldn’t entirely escape the limelight as he continues to host an Apple TV+ show proving that he has not run out of gas. With all of his hard work, Stewart now has a net worth of $120 million as of 2021.

Recently, Stewart has been into directing and producing, which is a new venture in his career. He was the director, producer, and writer for his 2014 film Rosewater and the 2020 film Irresistible. The former talk show host shows that he has more to offer than just being a comedian and a host.



Wesley Snipes is an actor who has impressive skills in martial arts. This talent resulted in him becoming a big action star and even had a lead role as the Marvel Comics character, Blade, in its own television series. Snipes did amazing as an action star that he has numerous leading roles in his acting credits. The results of his hard work and training led him to become a superstar, and he continued to show his talent throughout the years, proving that his acting chops are still sharp and tuned.

Other than acting, Snipes also has many investments in other businesses. One of the most recent ones is his collaborations with Liechtenstein Blockchain Innovator LCX. The partnership will work with the famous actor and his production studio, Maandi House. Their mission is to have movie enthusiasts invest alongside people in Hollywood. Snipes surely knows how to invest his money correctly. That’s why in 2021, his reported net worth is around $10 million.


Kim Kardashian| $900 Million | Beauty Empire

Kim Kardashian’s career keeps going to new heights every year, and it’s all due to her family’s popularity. Her family’s reality television show propelled them to stardom, and Kardashian knew how to use the fame she received to her advantage. She created a name for herself and became a more prominent celebrity and socialite. Kardashian reached a point where she started making investments, and the media personality learned how to be a businesswoman.

Kardashian built an empire for herself. She founded KKW Beauty and KKW Fragrance in 2017. Despite all the criticisms about her and her ventures, she managed to be successful. It’s no shock that her net worth as of 2021 is around $900 million. Kardashian is still building her already successful and massive empire, and in 2019, she launched a shapewear company called Skims. The celebrity proved that no matter what people say about her, she knows how to make it work for her.


Pat Sajak | $70 Million | Author

The American host has cemented his career as the host of the longest-running show on TV. His long tenure makes us wonder how much he actually makes? Before making it big, Pat Sajak worked as a desk clerk while getting his degree in college. In his younger years, he was a DJ for a radio station and worked as a newsman. Pat also became a voiceover artist. He anchored newscasts and became the weatherman’s replacement. He was spotted by KNBC-TV and was hired as a full-time weather forecaster.

With his hosting skills, he was offered to become the host of Wheel of Fortune. The program earned him a Guinness World Record for the Longest Career as a Game Show Host. Outside his gigs, he also serves as the executive director of a publishing company and writes for The National Review online. No wonder he has pocketed a fat net worth.


Gwyneth Paltrow | $150 Million | Businesswoman

Gwyneth Paltrow may be a popular actress with academy awards under her belt, but her great net worth is certainly not just a product of her acting career. How did she earn her vast fortune? The actress was put on the A-list after appearing in her debut film Shout. Her versatility made way for more iconic roles not just in romance but also in comedy. But it wasn’t until her role as Voila in the 1998 film Shakespeare in Love that she started being seen as a serious actress. The film catapulted her to fame and earned her an acting award. She eventually landed roles in other blockbuster hits such as Iron Man.

Gwyneth also entered the music industry and released several singles. In addition to her Hollywood career, she also has a diverse investment portfolio. She founded the lifestyle brand, Goop. Apart from Goop’s, the actress is also the face for brands like Estée Lauder and Coach, which we are sure contributed to her insane income.


NAS | $70 Million | Businessman

To many hip-hop fans, Nas is a legendary icon known for his lyrical ability and flow. Nas was signed to Columbia Records in the early ’90s following his performance in Live at the Barbeque. He released his debut album in 1994, and its success spawned more hits. Over the years, Nas has released several more albums and has amazingly sold more than 25 million records worldwide. Nas has pursued a promising career in acting, too. He appeared in films and TV shows like Ticker and Hawaii Five-o.

Nas became extremely popular, and he was one of the world’s highest-earning rappers at the peak of his career. But his brilliance didn’t end there, as he became business savvy. His business ventures include Queensbridge, Mass Appeal, and the restaurant Sweet Chick. Not only that, but he also diversified his investments into real estate. True enough, he is an inspiration to us all.


Ronda Rousey | $13 Million | MMA Fighter

Ronda Rousey is generally considered one of the biggest names in combat sports. She trained in Judo and other forms of Martial Arts at a young age. Rousey went on to win several medals, but she left judo to join MMA as her new profession. She started an incredibly successful MMA career, which made her a force that was hard to defeat. Rousey, to her credit, bagged a bronze medal in the 2008 Olympics. Her rise to fame started when she entered the UFC and became the first UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion.

She also joined WWE and made a prominent mark in the Wrestlemania scene. Ronda showcased her acting skills outside the ring while appearing in films like The Expendables 3 and Furious 7. She also had a series of endorsements and business investments. Her success and wealth have been hard-earned, making her one of the world’s richest MMA fighters.


Jim Carrey | $180 Million | Writer

Being one of the funniest men in the world, Jim Carrey has cultivated an image that is as distinctive as he is. Fame didn’t come easy for him, but Carrey, to his credit, worked hard to get to where he is. Soon he became one of the most popular comedy actors and made it to the list of the richest, too. His career skyrocketed when he landed roles in numerous Hollywood movies in the 1990s and 2000s. During the past two decades, he has played some of the most famous characters, including Ace Ventura, The Mask, Riddler, and The Grinch.

Carrey eventually took to writing later in life, authoring a children’s book named How Roland Rolls in 2013. His book won the Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Award. More recently, Carrey co-authored Memoirs and Misinformation. Jim is proof that you can achieve a lot through hard work and determination.


Robert De Niro | $500 Million| Restaurant Owner

Robert De Niro is an actor who is appreciated by many, both for his past and current work. His career began when he played a small role in the film The Wedding Party. His impressive performance in the movies Bang the Drum Slowly and Mean Streets earned him a nomination for Best Actor. Because of his last performance, De Niro landed a crucial role in The Godfather Part II. The success of the iconic movie made way to a trail of films including Taxi Driver and True Confessions.

Robert De Niro’s success came after several popular roles. At the end of the 20th century, his career peaked as he started to star in crime movies that received favorable reviews and had a lot of international exposure. Outside his 50-year acting career, De Niro has restaurant investments with over 40 locations globally. Sure enough, he is one of the best actors in Hollywood.


Celine Dion | $800 Million | Businesswoman

With her vocal prowess and iconic hits that have stood the test of time, it is no surprise that Celine Dion made it to the list of highest-paid singers of all time. Her career skyrocketed when her first English album was released — it sold over millions globally. Dion continued to grow as an artist, releasing her iconic songs such as My Heart Will Go On. Over the years, the Canadian singer received numerous awards and has sold more than 220 million album copies.

Her international fame contributed to her net worth of $800 million, but her money comes from more than just album sales. Her success has provided her with a lot of opportunities, such as a concert residency in Las Vegas and partnerships with big brands. Dion also made investments in restaurant chains and owns real estate all over the world. It seems like there is no stopping Dion, and she can be expected to appear in more shows and tours.


Jessica Alba | $200 Million | Businesswoman

Jessica Alba is an A-listers with a massive amount of fame and fortune thanks to her acting skills and wellness empire. Jessica made her acting debut when she played the role of Gail in the 1994 film, Camp Nowhere. She captivated the audience with her beauty and soon starred in the TV series, The Secret World of Alex Mack. She continued to grace the small screen with appearances in Brooklyn South and Flipper. Jessica also entered the big screen with films like Never Been Kissed and Idle Hands. Her career breakthrough was when she was chosen to portray the role of Max Guevara in the sci-fi series, Dark Angel.

Apart from her acting gigs, she was able to increase her investment portfolio by putting up Honest Company in 2012. The company initially sold baby products but eventually started releasing skin and hair care lines. Aside from this, she is also making it big behind the camera as a producer, which of course contributes to her income.


Diddy | $885 Million | Businessman

Sean Combs, aka Diddy, always makes it to the list of the wealthiest hip-hop artists year after year. He is a well-known rapper but not many know that he also owns a lot of investments. Combs began his career working at Uptown Records. He switched his name to Puff Daddy following the release of his debut single, Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down. When his first album was released, it sold over 500 million copies worldwide. The same album bagged him five Grammy nominations. Diddy starred in films and even hosted the MTV Music Awards in 2005.

Although many people think P Diddy made most of his money through music, the truth is that he earned a net worth of $900 million from multiple side projects. He founded the clothing line, Sean John, and partnered with Aquahydrate and Revolt TV. That hard work has certainly paid off.


Tiger Woods | $900 Million | Endorser

Tiger Woods rightfully belongs to the list of the rich and the famous. He’s not just one of the best golfers of all time, he is also the GOAT, with an insane net worth of $900 million. Just like many athletes, most of his wealth comes from his endorsements and investments. Woods became a household name in 1997 after winning the Masters. He immediately signed lucrative deals with Nike and Titleist. Even though he ranked 43rd internationally, he remains to be the highest-paid golfer.

All these contribute to his annual earnings, which range between $50-60 million a year. Woods also owns a diverse set of assets and properties. While winning titles helped him amass his fortune, most of his wealth comes from brand endorsements. Gatorade even branded their drink Gatorade Tiger and that deal alone was worth a whopping $100 million.


Gal Gadot | $30 Million | Model

Gal Gadot’s superhero-sized stature is soaring high, all thanks to Wonder Woman. She hasn’t made any other significant films beyond her DC universe ones. Surprisingly, much of her net worth was had through investments she made in the past and her modeling career. Unknown to some, the Israeli actress got her start in beauty pageants after completing her two-year military service. Before Gal became Wonder Woman, she made her first appearance in Fast and Furious 4. Although reports claim that she did not earn much during the film, she made more when she went on to appear in the franchise’s fifth and sixth films.

Her talent fee steadily rose after she starred in films like Knight and Day and Date Night. Aside from being a sought-after actress, she is also a model who is the face of brands like Gucci, Huawei, and Miss Sixty. Gal also entered entrepreneurial projects and even started the production company, Pilot Wave.


Keanu Reeves | $350 Million | Businessman

There is no way but up for Keanu Reeves whose wealth trajectory is exceptional. The actor’s big-screen debut was in the 1986 film, River’s Edge. Following the film’s success, he also starred in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and its sequel, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. It wasn’t until The Devil’s Advocate that he started getting positive reviews for his acting.

Keanu landed his iconic role in The Matrix in 1999, and has of course been every sequel since. His other films include The Gift, Something’s Gotta Give, and Constantine. All of these added to his $350 million personal net worth. Films, however, are not the only way Reeves made this fortune. The actor is also involved with a number of business ventures and investments. Indeed, Reeves’s motorcycle company was featured on Jay Leno’s garage, and it seems that the actor currently has a ton on his plate.


Julia Roberts | $250 Million | Producer

Pretty Woman star Julia Roberts also gets into Richest Hollywood celebrity lists year after year because of her massive fortune. She started on the TV Show, Crime Story. Success followed almost immediately, and she was able to land roles in a multitude of box office hits. One of the most iconic characters she played was Vivian from the hit film, Pretty Woman. Following the film’s success were a trail of films like Erin Brockovich, Runaway Bride and My Bestfriend’s Wedding. She continues to receive awards under her belt, making her one of the most notable actresses to date.

Aside from making us laugh and cry, she also works behind the camera. Roberts runs a production company, Red Oms Films, and has worked as an executive producer for four films in the American Girl series. These, along with her real estate investments, were what gave her her A-list status.


Dr. Dre | $820 Million | Entrepreneur

Dr. Dre has so much wealth that he’s worth mentioning here, alongside these other famous celebrities. Indeed, he’s one of the few pioneers of modern hip-hop who are still active in the industry. Dre started as a DJ and found success after collaborating with fellow rappers, Ice Cube and Eazy-E. He began his solo career with the release of his debut album, Chronic. He soon founded Aftermath records, launching the careers of Eminem and 50 Cent. Although he was responsible for the success of a few stars, he still performs from time to time.

Outside the music scene, his investment in Beats Electronics proved spectacularly successful. The audio company was acquired by Apple for $3 billion and the rapper was nicely compensated. With his massive fortune, he is indeed the first billionaire in the world of hip-hop.


Halle Berry | $90 Million | Endorser

We’ve seen her throw kicks and jabs in her Marvel, Bond, and John Wick films. With her versatility, Halle Berry became a household name and is loved by many. Unknown to some, Hollywood isn’t the only reason for her impressive net worth. You may not know, but Halle has been the face of Revlon since 1996. That deal alone was worth $10 million. If that is not enough to impress, Halle also received a lot of money for movies such as Swordfish, Gothika, and Die Another Day. But it was her role as Catwoman that earned her the most.

Berry also appeared on the TV show, Extant. She did a campaign for Versace and created her own lingerie and perfume line. On top of all this, she also worked behind the camera for some films, which greatly contributed to her net worth. Because of all her movies and endorsement deals, Halle is indeed worth the price.


George Clooney|$500 Million | Director

George Clooney is one of the A-listers in Hollywood who rose to fame on the set of the hit TV drama series, ER, where he earned several nominations for his role as Dr. Doug Ross. Although late to enter the world of Hollywood, Clooney has made a splash in various movies such as From Dusk Till Dawn, Out of Sight, Batman, Ocean’s Eleven, and Syriana. It was in the latter where he won an Oscar.

Lately, Clooney hasn’t been active on-screen, but he has done quite a number of directing work. His latest work, The Midnight Sky, along with Felicity Jones, was a sensation and showed Clooney at his best. Aside from his directing job, he has amassed several properties together with his wife, Amal Clooney. His property investments show that he has a good eye for real estate, which has contributed to his overall net worth.


John Travolta | $250 Million | Producer

John Travolta began his career on Broadway as part of the musical Over Here! He did get a good role in the movie, Carrie, but it was the movies Saturday Night Fever, Grease, and Urban Cowboy that made him a household name. Travolta received an award for his performance in Saturday Night Fever.

What sealed his career in Hollywood was his comeback film with Quentin Tarantino, Pulp Fiction. Other movies under his belt include Swordfish, Get Shorty, Hairspray, and Battlefield Earth. Travolta may not have been active in front of the camera recently , but he has been busy producing. Where does his investment money go? Well, he’s the proud owner of several planes and properties, to name a few. His current net worth is $250 million, which means that he was able to amass a fortune during his long and storied career in Hollywood.


Bono| $700 Million |Businessman

Bono made a name for himself in the music industry with his band, U2. He and his band gained international stardom with their song, War. New Year’s Day was the first song they wrote that reached the top 10 in the UK. Over the years, U2 became a well-known band that has sold millions of albums across the globe. Their live concerts are often sold out, which proves they have a huge fan base all over the world.

Aside from fronting U2, Bono is also a noted philanthropist and businessman. He has an extensive investment portfolio that includes a Hotel in Ireland, which he bought and refurbished into a posh hotel. He also founded a company, Elevation Partners, which is a type of equity firm. As for his real estate portfolio, let us just say that he knows what properties to get to make good money out of.


Pamela Anderson | $12 Million | Writer

Pamela Anderson’s career started when she was asked to model for a men’s magazine. She graced the cover of the Magazine in 1989, and then as the centerfold layout in 1990. She did more than just model at the time; Anderson also appeared as a regular on the TV show Home Improvement. However, it was her role in Baywatch that made her a superstar. She even went on to host Saturday Night Live soon after.

Aside from being a model and an actress, Anderson also made a career out of writing. As of today, she has four autobiographical books and two novels to her name. She still kept appearing on TV programs such as Big Brother and Dancing with the Stars. She might need help from a financial advisor to make smart decisions about her earnings, however, because one of the properties she is trying to sell is still in the market.

Dwayne Johnson| $400 Million | Business Mogul

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, made a career out of being a professional wrestler from 1996 to 2004. He hosted Saturday Night Live at one time together with his fellow wrestlers. By 2004, he has moved on to becoming a full-time actor. His first role was in the movie, The Scorpion King, and he kept doing more movies ever since, including Walking Tall, Gridiron Gang, Race to Witch Mountain, Be Cool, and Toothfairy.

He was also part of the Fast and Furious franchise together with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. Johnson did voice overs, too, such as when he played Maui in Moana. His $400 million net worth was not all movies, however, as he is also a philanthropist and business mogul. He knows where to put his investment money, that’s for sure, which added to his overall earnings.


Rachael Ray| $100 Million | Writer

Rachael Ray became a household name when 30 Minute Meals came out. Her show aired on Food Network from 2001 to 2012 and she even wrote a book with the same name that became a best-seller. She went on to host her own TV program after guesting several times in The Oprah Winfrey Show. Her show, Rachael Ray, spawned a few spinoffs, such as Rachael’s Vacation and Rachael vs Guy: Celebrity Cook-off.

Although she would constantly remind others that she is not a professional chef but rather a cook, many have consider her a chef because of her incredible talents in the kitchen. She switches from being a cook, a TV show host, and a writer as often as is needed, which helped her amass a $100 million net worth. Of course, she also received endorsement deals and was able to put some of her investment money into real estate, too.


Oprah Winfrey| $3.5 Billion| Producer

Who hasn’t heard the name Oprah Winfrey these days? The TV show host, author, and business mogul has created a media empire, which helped her reach billionaire status. She began her career on TV as a co-anchor on the six o’clock news. She later co-hosted a talk show called People Are Talking, which later went on to beat Phil Donahue in ratings.

ABC saw Winfrey’s potential and made her host her own 30-minute program, which would, later on, become a full-hour show. She established HARPO productions, one of her earlier investments, and followed it up with a few more that eventually raked in millions for her each year. Currently, Winfrey is busy producing two movies. The first one is a remake of Color Purple, and the other is yet undisclosed. Although her talk show has long ended, Oprah still continues to make a ton of money from its series spinoffs, including Dr. Phil and The Dr. Oz Show.


Rihanna|$550 Million| Entrepreneur

Rihanna is a singer-songwriter, actress, and fashion designer who has a net worth of $550 million. It can be said that a large portion of her earnings did not come from her music career alone, but from her fashion line called Fenty Beauty, which she founded with LVMH. This is one of the best investments she’s made that continues to rake in millions for the singer.

Her career began when she auditioned for Jay-Z. From here, she was able to release several albums that were quite powerful, sealing her career as a singer. She appeared in a few movies, too, including Bring It On: All or Nothing, Battleship, Ocean’s 8, and Guava Island. Rihanna also lent her voice to Tip for the animated movie Home. The singer is also all heart when it comes to her philanthropy, and she’s known to have donated millions to various charities.


Taraji P. Henson| $25 Million| Entrepreneur

Taraji P. Henson stole everyone’s attention when she portrayed the powerful figure of Cookie Lyon in the hit TV series, Empire. Her breakout role was in Baby Boy, where she starred alongside Tyrese Gibson. Another was Hustle & Flow, where she played the love interest of the lead actor. Other movies that she did in her career were The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, I Can Do Bad All By Myself, and The Karate Kid.

Outside of being an actress, she has also written an autobiography, Around the Way Girl. She launched her own hair care line, proving she has the makings of a real hairstylist. In one of her interviews, Henson shared that she used to do her own hair with her own products. It was only later that her investment money brought it to life.


Ellen Degeneres| $500 Million| House Flipper

Ellen Degeneres began as a stand-up comedian until she landed a role in the TV show, Open House. She also appeared in Laurie Hill which was later renamed, Ellen. She is also known for her voice acting — she voiced the forgetful Dory in Finding Nemo and its sequel, Finding Dory. She was a judge on American Idol but thought it wasn’t the right fit and left the gig after a year. Her talk show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, remains her biggest hit as it is still running today, earning her multiple awards and nominations.

Aside from being a successful TV show host and actress, she is also a house flipper. Together with her partner, Portia De Rossi, they have flipped and sold many investment properties over the years. If you take a look at their real estate portfolio, you will find that they have made an impressive amount of money from selling upgraded properties.


Jaleel White|$8 Million| Producer

Jaleel White began in commercials when he was 3 years old alongside Bill Cosby. He later did small roles on TV for shows such as The Jeffersons, Mr. Belvedere, and Saved By the Bell. What propelled him to stardom was his portrayal of Steve Urkel in Family Matters, which aired in 1989. The popularity he got from the show led to more roles, such as in Full House and Step by Step. Aside from this, he also wrote two episodes for Grandmama and Home Again.

Aside from his work in various TV shows, White also starred in several movies, such as Dreamgirls, Who Made the Potatoe Salad and Call of the Wild. He also voiced Sonic for the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. He also wrote, produced, as well as starred in the web series Fake It Till You Make It. He earned his degree in film and television from UCLA.


50 Cent| $30 Million| Producer

50 Cent is one of the best rappers in the music industry, and his career is all thanks to Eminem, who discovered him in 2002. Eminem had 50 Cent meet Dr. Dre, who would later sign him to a million dollar deal. He gained popularity after the release of his first album, Get Rich or Die Trying. His lead single, In Da Club, was said to be the most played song throughout one radio station’s history. This was followed up by another album called The Massacre, which was also a smashing success.

It appears that 50 Cent went through some financial troubles at one point in his career, but was able to resolve them by making smart investments, including inking a deal with Vitamin Water that made him their celebrity spokesman. He is currently producing and starring in the ABC Drama, For Life.


Mark Wahlberg|$300 Million| Entrepreneur

Mark Wahlberg began his career not as an actor but as a singer and dancer. He was in a band called Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, and was signed by Calvin Klein as their model. In terms of his acting career, Mark Wahlberg gained recognition for his role in the movie The Basketball Diaries, a film he did together with Leonardo DiCaprio. His first starring role was in Fear, which was later followed by Boogie Nights and Three Kings — these movies proved he was fit to play the lead.

Aside from being an actor, Wahlberg also works as a producer. He’s known for having produced a number of HBO shows, including Entourage, Boardwalk Empire, Ballers, and How to Make It in America. He is also an entrepreneur who’s put a lot of investment money into a burger chain that he and his brothers named Wahlburgers.


Peyton Manning| $250 Million| Entrepreneur

Peyton Manning is a familiar name to a lot of people. He is one of the highest-paid athletes, after all. He started his football career with the Colts, a team he helped turn into a regular contender in the NFL. During his stint with the Colts, the team won several championships, two AFC championships, and a Super Bowl victory against the Chicago Bears. He then moved on to become the quarterback for the Denver Broncos, where he made his third appearance in the Super Bowl.

What else has Manning been doing? His investment portfolio includes several Papa John’s franchises (which are earning him millions), real estate all over the world, and several endorsement deals. He has also co-authored a book together with his father. His other accomplishments include being a Saturday Night Live host and a voice actor for The Simpsons.


Tom Cruise| $600 Million| Producer

Tom Cruise has certainly made a name for himself in Hollywood. His role in the movie Risky Business caught the attention of directors. His early hit movies include Top Gun, Rain Man, and A Few Good Men, which earned him several nominations and awards. He produced and starred in the Mission: Impossible franchise as well as in The Last Samurai, Shattered Glass, and The Others.

Aside from earning millions as an actor, Cruise, together with Paula Wagner, put some of their investment money into a production company, Cruise/Wagner Productions. He also invested his money in several properties, adding to his already growing net worth. He is still very much in demand as an actor these days and it seems that his popularity won’t wane any time soon. Indeed, Cruise filmed for a few movies recently that are expected to be blockbuster hits when they come out.


Zoey Deschanel | $25 Million | Musician and Website Founder

Zooey Deschanel is the ultimate charming and humorous actress. It is not a surprise that her movies, including (500) Days of Summer and Almost Famous, made it big in the industry in the early 2000s,

While earning a spotlight in Hollywood, Deschanel also made big amounts of cash as a musician. She maintains a band called She & Him, a musical duo with M. Ward that was able to release their first album in 2008. She has a net worth of $25 million from her movie endorsement deals and music gigs.

Deschanel went into online publishing and co-founded a women’s website called HelloGiggles. Together with Molly McAleer and Sophia Rossi, the actress put up the platform in 2011 with the mission to be a positive online community for women, providing content that focuses on beauty, style, career, identity, and culture.

But it was not all about positivity for this new venture. Deschanel consulted her lawyers after her agent, Sarah Jackson, filed a lawsuit against her, seeking income from the actress’s website. Later on, the actress replaced her talent agency.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt | $35 Million | Start-up Founder

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of the few child actors in Hollywood who was able to remain successful into adulthood. Starting at the early age of six, Gordon-Levitt was able to transition from kid’s roles to serious ones, thanks to his effective acting. This success made Levitt’s salary increase as years went by, giving him a steady source of income as a celebrity.

But acting is not all Levitt is interested in. While working on the silver screen for almost 30 years, Goron-Levitt was able to put up a start-up company on the side. With a 35 million dollar net worth, Gordon didn’t need to apply for a business loan to put up the company. Just by using his personal savings, Gordon-Levitt was able to establish the company, whose goal is to help creatives around the world showcase their talents.


Steve Carell | $80 Million | General Store Owner

The character Michael Scott from NBC’s hit sitcom, The Office, will always stick with Steve Carell. His astounding portrayal of the nasty boss in the comedy show was such a fan-favorite that he will be forever associated with it for decades to come.

But aside from Carell’s career in Hollywood, he also has a side job as a general store owner. Considering that he is a rich and highly sought-after actor who can buy into businesses that yield cash, it was a curious thing that Carell decided to put his investment money on Marshfield Hills General Store in Massachusetts.

According to him, the place has sentimental value as it was witness to many of his childhood memories. The actor wanted to preserve it as a local landmark where people can go and have a cup of coffee. After all, with his whopping $80 million net worth, Carell is not after the revenue.


Gabrielle Union | $40 Million | Book Author

Gabrielle Union has always been an active voice, protecting people of color. She is an actress who started working in the 90s. It wasn’t until ten years later that she had her big break in the film Bring It On. Union starred and produced TV shows and movies, getting her a $40 million net worth. Some of her earnings were also put into real-estate investments, some of which she bought with her husband Dwayne Wade.

To help the various causes she’s advocating for, Union became an author and released a memoir, We’re Going to Need More Wine. Her best-selling book is a collection of essays that tackle gender, race, and Hollywood. We’re not sure if she’ll be starring in a movie soon, but suffice to say that we’ll be surprised if she does, given her busy schedule.


Kristin Cavallari | $30 Million | Businesswoman

Reality TV star and actress, Kristin Cavallari, has created a business empire that put her far from where she started in Hollywood. While being an actress gave her the spotlight, Cavallari decided to pursue other things that she was deeply passionate about.

In 2017, Cavallari founded Uncommon James, a lifestyle brand that sells jewelry and all kinds of accessory items. The actress did not need cash loans to establish her company. Cavallari had a $30 million net worth at the time and allotted a portion of her savings to put up the brand instead of risking getting into debt. Today, the company is said to have bagged more than $20 million in sales. The running of her business was one of the focuses of her reality show, Very Cavallari.

As if being an actress and an entrepreneur were not enough, Cavallari also took on the role of an author when she released her two New York Times best-selling books on cooking, health, and happiness.


Sarah Michelle Gellar | $30 Million | Food Entrepreneur

Sarah Michelle Gellar is an actress who has been in the limelight since she was four. Her most popular role was in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Portraying Buffy Summers, Gellar earned multiple awards and became a fan favorite during the 90s. Since then, Gellar was able to accumulate a net worth of $30 million a portion of which she put to good use.

To further establish a strong cash flow, Gellar underwent rigid investment planning and turned her love for food into a thriving business. She partnered with entrepreneurs Galit Laibow and Greg Fleishman to create a food crafting business that offers organic baking mixes and kits. Their products are sold in 8,000 stores nationwide and have been a mainstay in Starbucks stores and other small shops. She released her own cookbook in 2017 to quite a bit of fanfare.


Paris Hilton | $300 Million | Former Radio DJ

Paris Hilton may have been known as a hotel heiress and socialite but it cannot be denied that she has come a long way from her wayward, party girl image.

Now sitting with on a $300 million as net worth, the socialite rose from being a reality TV star to a successful business magnate. She wore all sorts of hats, including a fragrance endorser, model, book author, singer, and disc jockey. In 2014, Hilton became the highest-paid female DJ with a salary of $1 million per night.

Hilton also bought into real-estate properties across Los Angeles and New York. Even though she had the best home security, burglars still found a way to steal from her property. Her LA mansion was jeopardized in 2007 when burglars entered the vicinity. Amidst this incident, Hilton continued buying high-end properties under her name, including homes in Beverly Hills, Manhattan, and Hollywood Hills.


Nicole Richie | $10 Million | Novelist

Who would have thought that the once partygoer and best friend of socialite, Paris Hilton, will eventually turn into a best-selling fiction writer? Nichole Richie has broken barriers ever since she left the glitz and glamour that comes with starring in The Simple Life with her then best pal. Richie, who is the daughter of singer Lionel Richie, became sober, focused on her growing family, opened a few businesses, and wrote books on the side. She is the author behind the novel The Truth About Diamonds, which had a story that was somewhat linked to her own life, and Priceless, a book about a rich girl who faced battles after her father was imprisoned.

Aside from this, Richie did not have to apply for a cash loan to put up a business. From her net worth of $10 million, Richie was able to invest in her own clothing line, Winter Kate, and accessory business, House of Harlow 1960.


Christina Aguilera | $160 Million | Philanthropist

Christina Aguilera’s vocal prowess and distinctive charisma on stage have led her to become one of the most successful pop singers of her generation. She was a five-time Grammy Award-winner who had numerous endorsement deals. The opportunity to be on the silver screen also came knocking at her door and she got success from the 2010 film, Burlesque, with Cher.

With a massive net worth of $160 million, Aguilera could have bought into a few investments to grow her wealth but devoted her time to philanthropic work instead, donating millions to charities whose causes she wanted to advocate for. She has donated $200,000 to a women’s center in Pittsburgh and has raised over $140 million for World Food Program (WFP). She was also a former spokesman for World Hunger Relied as well as a United Nations ambassador for WFP.


Reese Witherspoon | $200 Million | Book Club Founder

Part of Reese Witherspoon’s popularity can be attributed to her iconic Legally Blonde character, Elle Woods. An award-winning actress and producer, Witherspoon has a $200 million net worth that largely came from her earnings as an actress, entrepreneur, and brand ambassador for skin and makeup line, Elizabeth Arden. As a well-established personality, Witherspoon is said to be able to get up to $20 million in annual earnings.

Now that she has more time to pursue other opportunities outside Hollywood, the 44-year-old star has kept a tight schedule, managing her time between the things she’s involved with. She founded a book club recently that offers audio-programming, video-on-demand channels, and podcasts. There’s no news yet about whether she’ll be appearing in a film soon, but it’s clearly within the realm of possibility given that she’s a highly sought-after actress.


Jennifer Lopez | $400 Million | Executive Producer

One of Hollywood’s A-listers, Jennifer Lopez has been in the industry for over 25 years. It’s not at all surprising that she has a net worth of $400 million given all the projects that she’s been involved with. A well-rounded and multi-talented star, Lopez has been singing, dancing, and acting for as long as we can remember and yet she remains the humble Jenny from The Block.

While maintaining her star status, Lopez’s money management skills were put to good use when she decided to launch her own production company, Nuyorican Productions. The company has already produced over six films and 12 TV series.

In addition to her growing wealth, Lopez released her designer clothing line, JLO, in 2003. She also released a perfume line, GLOW, in the same year, and has since then established a name in the fragrance industry as a top mover.


Britney Spears | $59 Million | Perfume Brand Owner

The late 90s have seen Britney Spears’ rise to fame — indeed, she was often referred to at the time as the Princess of Pop. She rose to fame for her studio albums, Hit Me Baby One More Time and Oops I Did It Again.

Spears is said to have acquired a net worth of $59 million from all of her singing projects and endorsement deals. Part of her earnings came from her side job as a perfume brand owner. Her brand, Curious, was launched in 2004 and now has over 20 fragrances in its line. Her fragrant concoctions reportedly made a massive $1 billion in sales in 2018.

Since 2008, however, Spears was unable to use much of her money due to the conservatorship of her father. Her father, Jamie Spears, and his lawyers were in control of her finances up until they lost the court battle over it recently.


Mark Zuckerberg | $90 Billion | Former Software Developer

Before Facebook CEO founder Mark Zuckerberg became the youngest self-made billionaire at age 23, he has been the go-to software developer at Harvard University. He built a reputation of being an expert in coding and developing inside the university. He was the man behind the infamous Facemash program, where Harvard students voted between two students, rating them on attractiveness. It was eventually shut down due to its inappropriate content.

Today, Zuckerberg holds a $90 billion net worth, and all credit goes to his social network brainchild which he refused to sell despite numerous offers. His massive wealth has made him the 4th richest person in the world. Of course, books and movies were made to tell the story of his rise, the plot details of which he’s on record as disputing. Nevertheless, Zuckerberg remains an icon of technology and will remain so for generations to come.


Kaley Cuoco | $100 Million | Former Tennis Player

Born with a realtor father, Kaley Cuoco didn’t have to think about unpaid credit cards and loans as she grew up. The Big Bang Theory actress was living in wealth even before she entered Hollywood.

Instead, Cuoco focused on her interest in sports. She was a tennis player in 1998 and was ranked 54th on the Girls 14 Singles in Southern California. However, Cuoco decided to park her sports career and focused on acting full-time. It’s a good thing her Hollywood career did not disappoint as she was able to amass over $100 million from her movies, television shows, and endorsement projects. Not only that, geeks all over the world have posters of her all over their bedroom walls because the character she played on The Big Bang Theory (she played Penny, the unassuming waitress who lived down the hall) was nothing short of iconic.


Elon Musk | $185 Billion | Former Lumberjack

It is hard to fathom that Elon Musk jumped from one job to another before earning his billionaire status today. The Tesla founder started working at age ten as a computer developer, but it was only in his teenage years that he began to accept odd jobs to earn more money. This may come off as a surprise, but the current tech mogul once became a lumberjack before entering college and earned a few dollars for cutting trees. Musk also cleaned warehouses and got rid of logs to gain extra cash.

Despite working odd jobs to graduate and pay off his student loans, the man’s hard work was replaced with massive wealth when he started putting up his companies, including Space X. Today, Musk is known internationally as the world’s no. 1 billionaire with a staggering $185 billion net worth.


Chris Evans | $80 Million | Politics Platform

Sure, you know Chris Evans as Captain America in a number of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films, but there is more to this good-looking actor than just being a globally-adored superhero. The 39-year-old star can be considered a hero of America in real life, too, credits to his initiative to help his fellow citizens. How, you might ask?

Evans started a new politics website, where everyone’s questions could be answered. One could assume that Wikipedia might be too mainstream for the Avengers star—but the truth is, he finds the entries too long. The website in question, called A Starting Point, would have tidy sections about immigration, health care, education, economy, and more to explain what the visitors wanted to know. Evans wants to invite and film politicians himself to talk about a particular issue to make it more understandable for the public. With this initiative, the people would get to know everything they like instantly with a simple explanation.


Chris Hemsworth | $130 Million | Fitness App

As the actor behind Thor and an over-all macho man, Chris Hemsworth crafts a profitable business that is perfect for him. Using some of the investment money from his $130 million net worth, the 37-year-old star launched a fitness app called Centr. This app features the three elements of healthy living—“movement, nutrition, and mindfulness.” It also focuses on how its user can “train, eat, and live better.”

In an interview, Hemsworth revealed the origin of this app was everything that he learned along his acting journey, like meeting different people who were experts in the basics of being fit. Explaining why it was called Centr, it was because he had to do a great job and find the center of it. The app promotes a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise needed for weight loss and maintaining or building toned muscles. This might be Hemsworth’s secret to his Asgardian body.


Robert Downey Jr. | $300 Million | Production Company

Robert Downey Jr. may be famous for playing the iconic role of Iron Man, but he is a serious business owner behind the camera. The 55-year-old actor has done the best investment planning with his wife, Susan Downey, and built a production company called Team Downey. The couple literally works as a team. They have successfully made this business a big one, producing several films, TV series, and even documentaries. It is the production company behind Dolittle, The Judge, Perry Mason, and The Age of A.I., among others.

In building Team Downey, Susan revealed their motivation was to find things they both loved and be creative together. Alternatively, Robert wanted to establish a production company that would be the opposite of “Old Hollywood.” This business is probably the reason why Robert’s net worth has skyrocketed to $300 million.


Scarlett Johansson | $165 Million | Popcorn Shop

It looks aside from being the Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson wants to be the queen of pop—popcorn, that is. The 36-year-old star made an investment in a snack bar in Paris called Yummy Pop. Aside from acting, the Avengers star is also said to be “passionate about popcorn,” and so she decided to take the City of Light by storm.

The shop sells freshly-popped popcorns in seven gourmet flavors: cheddar, truffle parmesan, olive oil, and salt n’ pepper, Canadian maple, chocolate strawberry, and strawberry cream. The place carries a red-white-and-blue, barber-shop theme with different slogans on the wall, like “pop till you drop” and “pop here, pop there, pop everywhere.” According to reports, the maple syrup is Johansson’s secret sauce herself. The actress may have used her star power, making everything sold out on its opening day. With Johansson’s acting projects here and there and this business, no one will be surprised by her $165 million fortune.


KANYE WEST | $3.2 Billion | Fashion Company

Kanye West doesn’t just reach the billionaire mark; he also surpasses it. The 43-year-old star is now worth $3.2 billion, and it will surely continuously grow as the business expands. His sneaker brand, Yeezy, is reportedly worth $3 billion as of 2020, and he has been making a deal left and right.

As the brand’s sole owner, West is reportedly eyeing to bring its name into other realms, like architecture, hospitality, and urban design. He credits his business as the “next frontier of living for humanity,” and he is just on level two of his plans. As Yeezy is now becoming an empire, it is its sneakers that started it all. West’s move to release a heavily-hyped and limited-edition pair always works. Many of his fans and shoppers want to get their hands on his designs, so it is typically sold out in minutes, making its price higher and higher every release.


Paul Newman didn’t only make a name in the entertainment world but the business universe as well. He was an entrepreneur who put a huge amount of his investment money and founded the line of food products called Newman’s Own. However, the actor didn’t do it alone. He got the help of the famed writer A.E. Hotchner in establishing this business in 1982.
He also didn’t do this to earn a good profit. Instead, he made a policy where all proceeds—after the taxes—would go to charity, the Newman’s Own Foundation. Since its inception, the company had donated more than $550 million to different educational and charitable organizations. Besides this, Paul proved he’s a real philanthropist, donating a whopping $250,000 to Catholic Relief Services to help Kosovo’s refugees. This was just one of his heroic acts of kindness, and there were many others that both recorded and not recorded.

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