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Barefaced Beautiful: Celebrity Beauties Even Without Makeup

Jennifer Lopez | Hustlers

Jennifer Lopez recently blessed us with her natural beauty after sharing a photo of herself without any makeup on Instagram. The 51-year-old ageless beauty just woke up before she took the snap, and every inch looked natural. With her perfect skin plus the absence of fine lines, dark spots, or any blemish, JLo could go makeup-free anytime she wanted. In fact, she did not need any makeup at all.

Her glow was definitely from within, as she greeted everyone a good morning with her morning face. Of course, she got credits from her fans and followers, saying she was a natural beauty and. So how did Lopez manage to keep her skin glowing? Simple: she usually washes her face after every sweaty workout and before bed. She sings so well and dresses so cool. This modern woman knows how to be attractive and doesn’t need makeup to support her beauty.