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Cardi B | Hustlers

Fans are used to seeing Cardi B with heavy makeup whenever she is performing, posting selfies on social media, or appearing in her music videos. So, when she went out and about without any makeup on, it made her look unrecognizable. She managed to blend in with the crowd, looking very simple without anything on her face.

She kept her look low-key and casual with her laid-back blue dress. Despite her usual look, it could never be denied that Cardi has an entirely smooth face. She looked every inch fresh, which perfectly complemented her button-down dress, showing a little flesh with its low-cut neckline, sexy figure, and toned legs. Although it was a far cry from the usual Cardi we used to see, she deserved credit for bravely going natural. In 2019, Cardi B won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album, breaking the record of being a male rap player for 61 years.