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These Celebrities Experience Jaw-Dropping Weight Changes And Proud Of It

Charlize Theron | Monster | Gained: 30 lbs

American-South African producer and actress, Charlize Theron, is given credit as one of the highest-paid actresses in the world, with a total net worth of $160 million. For her role in the 2003 biographical crime drama film Monster, she was praised by many for her scarily intense performance and physical transformation, which was truly deserving of an Oscar. It was reported that she gained 30 pounds but explained that gaining that weight was “a way of understanding” what she experienced, instead of just looking for the overweight part.

She stated in an interview that it wasn’t about getting fat, and the role she portrayed wasn’t fat either. After the filming, she returned to her normal weight, which is around a size 8, and it probably shocked the people that she was able to lose all the weight immediately and get her curves back.