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Christian Bale | Machinist | Lost: 63 lbs

The 2004 psychological film Machinist was an amazing showcase of Christian Bale’s talent as an actor and performer, but what surprised the majority of his fans was how much weight he lost in the film. He showed total commitment to his credit role as Trevor, someone who had chronic insomnia and was grotesquely emaciated, that he decided to go on a diet instead of relying on baggy clothes and make-up.

While shooting the film, Bale weighed 122 pounds but stated that the 63-pound weight loss resulted in a “Zen” state of mind. To compensate for his immense diet and over-exercise, he took supplements to ensure that his body was still supplied with the proper nutrition and vitamins. After the film, Bale had to gain back the lost weight and build more muscle over the course of six months to prepare for Batman Begins. He is truly an actor that deserves so much credit.